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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sting: Penalty (Part 1)

Penalty Part 1 - The first of a new series from Sting

Running a successful team is always a stressful job. The Team Manger needs winners but at the moment all he's got is fighters. Two of the senior players keep falling out about tactics and it's having a detrimental effect on the whole team. 

The two main troublemakers are Johnny (Rudi Vallance) and Tim (Joey Whyte) Their squabbles have led to fisticuffs in the changing rooms and now the Manager is hopping mad!

He's needs to sort them both out and asks the fit muscular Junior Coach (Travis McKinnon) to take a hand. He of course does this with relish!

The two strapping players are first spanked like young lads

very humiliating as they watch each others bare bottoms turn a bright burning red! 

After that it's both lads bending over the gym bench where a good whacking is laid on with a stinging India rubber soled plimsoll. 

This then is followed by a good dose of the stinging rattan cane. There are many aspects to training but this sore and scorching penalty for bad behaviour on the field is certainly a new approach but in future perhaps best avoided.

Video preview trailer

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


  1. Ok hands up how many guys would like to see this happen to a few of the premiership footballers in the UK ? Gareth Bale ... Ronaldo ....

  2. Lol, since when has Madrid been part of the UK? James Rodriguez would be interesting as well, though, but I generally prefer rugby players: George Ford, Ben Youngs, Danny Cipriani, George North, Owen Farrell, Richie Gray, Sam Hidalgo- Clyne, Clement Poitrenaud... The list goes on...

    Hmmm. Perhaps a tad obsessive there. ;P

    Btw, anyone know what went wrong with the Sting fan group on google groups?

  3. What has happened to this week's 'Saturday Spankables'?
    I hope this feature will be back soon!

    1. Hi Seb

      The Saturday Spankables were posted here yesterday, they are on the second page, just click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of the front page and scroll down, or copy and paste this link into your browser

      Just for this week we called them Valentine Saturday Spankables in honor of Valentines Day

  4. Thanks Bruce. I always check out Saturday Spankables as it's one of my favorite posts!
    Great selection of nice butts and holes!