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Saturday, 4 April 2015

BBFC: It's Time

 This weekend's update from BBFC is "It's Time"

As you see Jimmy is a lazy brat, his room is a bombsite. Craig has decided to handle this in a different way this time.

He wakes Jimmy and tells him to shower and report to the salon as soon as he can. Jimmy knows he is in for it so he is out of bed in the shower quite quickly. 

Of course being a naughty guy he takes longer than he should in the shower washing the same part over and over, a knock on the door from Craig makes him hurry up.

He leaves the shower and wanders into the salon with a really surly attitude and Craig is there waiting.

  OTK he goes and gets some hard swats on the towel he is wearing, a wet towel magnifies each swat and Jimmys face shows the surprise as he thought it would protect him a little. 

Then he gets a bare ass spanking making him squirm and his legs kick.

As a final step he is bent over the desk and Craig gives him some tasty swats with the bat. Looks like it is a lesson well taught but is it one learned I wonder? 

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. Ahh... Typical. This would have been great the use of a kitchen chair for the otk is perfect. My favourite spanker at BBFC Craig but and there's a but... I don't find Jimmy too bit "camp" for me. But great ass. Take Jimmy away replace with Cal please.

    1. Edit* I find Jimmy too camp

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Jimmy has such a cute ass. I love that her is tot naked and that his legs are kicking while hes spanked

  4. Okay my comment wasn't posted.. Hmmm... interesting.

  5. No comments about this post have been rejected as far as I know, what did your comment saY?

  6. There's a 'typo' in my comment. Should read:
    Craig's a 'Dishy Dad' - trouble is I'm old enough to be his dad! Of course, should he ever feel the need for a parental hand himself ...

    1. Thanks Keith

      We were wondering what you meant and thought it might be some new urban slang which we had missed! :-)