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Sunday, 26 April 2015

More from East Europe Boys (Part 1 of 2)

 This week's first of two postings from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.

After an short interview, the master orders Tom to undress, then he receives a vigorous and painful spanking with a wooden spoon before the unfortunate lad takes a hand spanking over the master's knee.

Roman needs a hearty punishment training, and he is ordered to be punished by the master with the wooden spoon and then severely spanked by hand, over the master's knee.

 From Training4Boys

Petr and Justis compete at wrestling, the loser must take off a garment, and the first to be naked, will be severely flogged with the cane (for Justis is first time with the cane), and then spanked by hand.

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images


  1. Above, another Roman Ja. masterpiece., three weeks in a row East Europe has provided a magnificent Roman Ja. clip! First week, the master paddled Roman Ja. with the long wooden paddle over the knee. Roman Ja. wore his hoodie and clenched his cap in his teeth. Roman Ja. groaned in agony, not realizing how much that paddle would hurt him! The camera angles, lighting and close ups are all the best! Last week, Roman Ja. was brutalized and walloped again with the same paddle in the wondrous wheelbarrow position. Roman Ja. continued to hold his cap in his teeth. Long close up shots of Roman Ja's face and beautiful brown hair and blue eyes are featured brilliantly. This week, in "Training #1," the master hoists Roman's beautiful body on a high stool, over his knee in the wheelbarrow position. Roman's horizontal body is very erotic and tantalizing laid out almost flat . Roman's head hangs low and his hands barely reach the ground. Roman Ja's body is positioned so that his stiff, erect, buttocks are the highest part of his body. Roman's buttocks on high then serve as the target for the master's vicious assault with the dastardly wooden spoon! Roman Ja., in this vulnerable and helpless position, is whacked harder and harder, faster and faster in this breathtaking East Europe clip! The sympathy that you may feel for Roman Ja. in this predicament while being hit over and over only adds to the magnificence of this masterpiece! Clips like these nourish me and make my dreams come true! Out this Wednesday, April 29, at, we can expect the release of Roman Ja. in "Training #2." I'm wondering, how will Roman Ja's body be positioned this time? Another wheelbarrow, I hope. Or, over the knee. Maybe just lay Roman Ja. on the floor and go at his butt viciously as the master has done to Christian and Filip before. What weapon will the master use on him? The bath brush would be nice, Will the master bruise Roman Ja's butt in fury as he has done before? I hope so! Make Roman Ja. scream in pain and beg that it stop! How can the last three Roman Ja. clips be topped?

  2. The master thought back almost a year ago. The master remembered the first time he had met Roman Ja. Another East Europe model had brought Roman Ja. to a shoot. Roman Ja. had volunteered his body for a punishment. Roman Ja. would also appreciate some euros to spend in Prague on new jeans, sneakers and maybe a girl for the night. The master remembered he had not been impressed, at first. Roman Ja., was too thin. Roman Ja. appeared to be around 130 lbs. with a 30 inch waist. Long brown hair. Too small, too frail to withstand one of my spankings, the master thought. He was just about to tell Roman Ja. "thanks, but no thanks. Put some heft on so you can withstand a punishment and then come back to East Europe some day." As the master was about to speak those words, he noticed something about Roman Ja. and was left speechless. The master noticed Roman Ja's brilliant blue eyes. The master remembered saying, "come back tomorrow at 3." The following day, Eoman Ja. returned for his first punishment. The master made Roman Ja. strip for Part 1 and gave Roman Ja. a traditional over the knee spanking. When Pt. 1 was filmed, the master, for Pt. 2, made Roman Ja. climb up his body with his legs over the master's waist in the wheelbarrow. The master savagely spanked Roman Ja. A camera was positioned right in front of Roman Ja's face. His blue eyes and painful expressions were captured brilliantly. Later, that night, the master played back the video and noticed how handsome, how erotic Roman Ja. looked in the wheelbarrow. Roman Ja's butt was gorgeous and to die for in the clip. Roman Ja's blue eyes and painful grunts were fantastic. The master then knew that a new superstar East Europe had been found. Many downloads were bought on clips4sale. Bastinado Boy wrote a fawning review. Later, Rich at Sting hired Roman Ja. for a clip. Then another. And another. Roman Ja. bought new jeans, a new hoodie, a new baseball cap. Roman Ja. was able to hire girls for several nights with his earnings. The master thought back, this past year with Roman Ja. had been very good indeed.
    Now, the master looked down. Below him, face down and across his lap, lay Roman Ja. His head and arms sprawled down, almost touching the floor. Less than one foot away was Roman Ja's. remarkable and gorgeous buttocks. Each cheek was rigid and erect. Roman Ja's upright and splendid buttocks was the highest part of Roman Ja's body. The master held the treacherous wooden spoon in his right hand. This was the same wooden spoon that the master had previously used viciously on the butts of Davide, Lukas Liz, Michal, Filip, and Christian. The master could feel Roman Ja. shifting his position slightly. The master lookeds down at the beautiful sight, Roman's gorgeous butt right next to him in such close proximity to him that he could not resist touching each butt and then squeezing them one by one. He noticed the tattoo on Roman Ja';s right butt. The master hoisted the dreaded wooden spoon over his head and took aim at Roman Ja's left buttock. " I will call this clip Roman Ja., Training Part 1" The master's right arm took direct aim at Roman's left butt and hit it as hard as he could. Roman Ja's tender body jumped in pain and the young gorgeous boy gasped as the agony started.