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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Straight Lads Spanked: Kevin - Real Punishment - Bad Start

The latest update from Straight Lads Spanked - Kevin - Real Punishment - Bad Start introduces a new sore bottomed Straight Lad

Kevin was meant to come and make a movie. He was really keen and glad of the extra work. On the day of the shoot, Kevin didn't turn up. He didn't answer calls and gave no warning on the day. It was a complete waste of my time. Days later, Kevin go in touch, apologetic and eager to make amends. 

 Mr.X decided to give this good looking a straight lad a second chance but this was not going to be easy for Kevin. Mr X wanted him to understand that bad behaviour has consequences and that Kevin should be punished for real for the wasted time, money and inconvenience caused.

Mr X explains:

"Normally when I work with new models they are nervous about filming and apprehensive about the spanking. These are regular guys that are of an age that have never been spanked at home, so the thought of going of another man's knee makes them nervous. For straight guys, with no interest in mm spanking it is a tough ask. Until they have experience it seems like they are making a gay spanking video. It is only through time they begin to understand the details of the fetish.

So bearing this in mind, I always allow the models the liberty of stopping filming for breaks whenever they want, we sometimes have to take the spanking in stages. This is what Kevin was expecting to happen.

Well everything changed! I explained to Kevin that his punishment was to accept a real spanking from me, with no breaks. Just the punishment that I deemed appropriate. His choice was accept that spanking punishment or walk away.

It was a tough choice for Kevin to make and you can see exactly what happened, every excruciating step of the way in this movie!"


Mouse Spank Kevin's sore bottom (or CLICK HERE) To visit Straight Lads Spanked

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  1. Keven has a very nice bottom, it must be a delight to spank

  2. The two latest additions to Straight Lads Spanked have been very appealing. I rather like Fraser most,but Kevin is a close second.

    I hope we will see more of both of these

  3. Love the way the spanker points at the target in this guy's stuff

  4. This was very uncomfortable to watch, I feel sad after watching this Kevin was nervous about having his pants pulled down the way Dave treated him was very distasteful and disrespectful the poor guy was nervous and looked very uncomfortable instead of comforting him you got mad at him. You should have been more understanding why he chose to continue working after that I don't know. The sad part was hearing a guy say in his own words that is was painful but he wants the money my heart broke, his standing there defeated saying that in this situation I felt saddened by it and I couldn't possibly enjoy the clip. I think the lesson learned here is porn isn't all glorious and we the public only see the edits out out is rare we get to see the raw footage if people could only grasp what these guys are doing this for then maybe there mindset might change towards beating people for money. Kevin probably doesn't know this but there is loads of money to be made without having to degrade yourself. If Dave had been kind towards Kevin then my opinion would be different, he is there to work and should be treated as a human being wherever he messed up your day at not some people clearly struggle with being professional!

  5. Hello Anonymous, thanks for your commments and feedback regaridng this MM Spanknig Movie.

    I can assure you Kevin is not someone who would degrade himself for money. In fact, he already holds down a really good, well paid job. Since this movie was filmed, Kevin has made many more novies for Straight Lads Spanked. In fact last time he came to film I also got introduced to his girlfriend (well one of them anyway). So far from being ashamed of this work, Kevin fully embraces it.

    It's a shame that Kevin's performance affected you in this way. I'm cetain that he would have wanted you to have gained more enjoyment from his acting skills and the effort that he put into his work to create an authentic viewing experience.