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Friday, 22 May 2015

Mans Hand Films: Paddle Play


Two high school seniors get detention and the no-nonsense teacher lays down the law.  This is meant to be punishment   There are a long list of rules.  So just sit there and be quiet.   The alternative is the paddle!  

Then Mr. Morrison gets called to the office but the boys are warned not to leave until their time is up.   Sitting around and being quiet isn't going to work on these two.  They try testing out the wooden paddle on each other.  These two have a good time upping the ante, adding one swat at a time.  Comparing the redness of their butts the boys decide to take a few on their underwear.  

When Mr.  Morris returns unexpectedly the boys get it, for real, on the bare ass!  Mr Morris really lays it on.  We can see the burns on their butts and the pain on their faces.  He leaves the boys alone to compose themselves. . .

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it will also be released on DVD in due course

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  1. hot guys but the whole standing scenario is not good.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You should know that standing and bent over is the way paddlings are administered in the US. This is especially true in school!

    1. Any guy who is hot goes OTK :)

    2. We understand. We like the OTK scene ourselves. After all we aren't called Man's Hand for nothing.
      But sometimes the scene calls out for authenticity.

    3. Okay. well I look forward to some new OTK clips from you. :)

  3. There is something about the acting and experimentation in this scene. I have been a spankophille for years and just purchased this scene. Paddling on the Jeans (then bare) is a real fetish of mine. This is probably one of my favorite scenes I have ever seen. Great Work!