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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Art by Matt

Welcome Back to the artist Matt, with some more of his smoking hot art.  First a big hunky lad is led by the ear to his punishment  

This bad boy is doing some hard corner time after his punishment. He is the star quarterback of the college football team gets caught cheating on his exams and is given the choice of being kicked off the team or living with the world's strictest tutor for an entire month. 

Anything's better than getting kicked off the team, right?


  1. Love matts work - glad to see him back!

  2. 6/27/15 5:54p Jock Spank QB Ear Punishment Art by Matt
    I like the first sketch the Big Oaf is Huge but the Extreme Ear
    Torture is not my thing. I wanted the Old Guy to Spank
    this Big Bad Oaf taking him OTK for a Bare Assed Spanking.

  3. Love the super short shorts Matt. Always so sexy. Like to see a hard on while being paddled

    1. 12/26/17 6:29a Jock Spank Art by Matt
      Giant Oaf Manhandled
      Anonymous: Yep! I like the Very Short
      Shorts with the Big Guys Very Long Legs!
      He's Huge!
      Stretching his Ears beyond All recognition
      is Not Good for me!
      I'd prefer to See the Spanker (Not this Guy)
      get a Boner. Not the Spankee!
      Why would a Man get a Hard while getting
      his Ass Blistered!
      He's Not Enjoying this at All!
      The Spanker would definitely, though!
      Matt why Not do a Full Color
      piece with our Big Oaf getting
      an OTK Bare Assed Hand Spanking?!