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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kevin Real Punishment - "Don't Be Late"

 At Straight Lads Spanked handsome Kevin gets taught a lesson in time keeping

This movies follows on from Kevin's debut appearance in Bad Start.
This is Kevin's second attempt at making a movie with Straight Lads Spanked. The first time around he messed up badly and didn't show up. He got spanked for real that time. 

You would think that he would have learned his lesson? Right?


 Kevin managed to turn up late for a second time and sheepishly attempted to explain his tardiness.   However, after Mr, X quickly exposed Kevin's excuses as untrue, he informed the unlucky lad that a second real punishment was in order!

Kevin was issued with an ultimatum. Either go home and end the working relationship with Straight Lads Spanked, or stay and accept his punishment. Kevin decided to that he would stay.

 Mr X had plenty of time to work out how to proceed with Kevin whilst waiting for him.

He decided that young Kevin should learn a hard lesson!

 Kevin will receive a very long, hard over the knee spanking. Not just from Mr X's hand, but he would also be introduced to the leather paddle! 

 During the punishment Mr X lectures Kevin telling him what is coming next

 And then delivering!

 Time for Kevin to get spanked on his bare bottom

 You can see how much the message was getting through as Kevin squirmed and kicked throughout his punishment!

 Kevin discovers that sitting down is not easy after a long, hard, spanking

And you can see why!
Mouse Spank Kevin's bottom, or CLICK HERE to visit Straight Lads Spanked

More from Producer Dave.........."This film was a real first for me in that it was shot in one continuous take. The camera started from before Kevin arrived at the front door and continued running all the way through and lecture and subsequent punishment. All of the discussions I had with Kevin are there in full for you to see. If you like to see very real life punishments then this movie is about as real as it gets!"""

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. Love the picture of him struggling to sit down! LOL

    Ken's a handsome dude

    1. typo - Kev as in Kevin

    2. I knew who you meant! :P Kevin really did struggle with sitting! :)

  2. I wonder what these straight guys think about getting spanked on camera. Do they understand what gay men, and some women, get out of it/

    1. Hi Seth, well the lads and I always talk about the audience and what they get out of it. I feel it helps make a better movie if they understand the fetish more. Of course, it's not just women and gay men that are into mm punishment movies but I have a lot of men that identify as straight that also are members.

    2. I'm sorry but you mean men in the closet! I can't see that can you be that silly to believe that. So if they are straight guys and they have a wank over your video then there straight? no of course not. Enjoying man/man action is gay I said this before they could be bi maybe. Unless they sit and watch your clips with a bowl of popcorn in which case I doubt they do. I watch "gay" spanking it turns me on I'm gay "mm punishment" mostly classified as "gay spanking" is a man on man action even if it doesn't envole sex which I rather it didn't I see it as gay and I have asked my people I know they see it my way. You are gay so one of you involed in the act is gay and if there isn't a gay involed in the act there doing it for money so partly gay in my eyes no matter how you try to swing it it will always fall back into that category so when you say straight guys what do they get out of it as I would say they are gay/bi men I mean some of the straight guys I know I could never imagine them thinking I'm gonna join a spanking site or gay spanking as I would call it. Oh and you even said yourself Fetish. A Fetish being a sexual thing you wouldn't say oh I have such a fetish for some chocolate cakes.

    3. Hi there, no need to apologise. Just to clarify when I said men that identify as straight I meant just that.
      I certainly don't feel silly for believing that. I have been doing this for some time and have had contact from many different guys, unconnected all telling me the same thing. That they enjoy watching mm themed punishment scenarios. They state that they have no interest in any kind of sexual relations with a man, and are very happy and secure within their own sexuality. They don't watch porn involving men having sex with each other. These are not just online communicaitons, but some situations where I know the poeple in real life. In fact I know one happily married couple well where the husband and wife both enjoy my movies.
      Many of my movies involve purely heterosexual men depicting situations that are not gay themed. For example, a football coach paddling a player is something that has happened in schools for years and was certainly nothing to homosexuality, but discipline. Children have been discplined by parents forever and that situation is not about sexuality but discipline. So I would disagree that a punishment sitaution involvoing people of the same sex has to be gay.

      This does not meant that they don't find the movies erotic, however, they certainly don't feel that enjoying seeing punishemnt scenarios played out involving male figures means that they are in fact, themselves homosexual.

      I also have gay women who are fans of the movies. like the straight guys, they have no interest in men sexually, but still get a thrill from my movies.

      Now of course, we are living in a world where people like to label everything. I quite agree with you that there are some people out there that will always consider men who enjoy this to be gay. They are perfectly entitled to hold that view in the same way that the men concerend are perfectly entitled to indentify themselves as straight (mainly due to them having no sexual interest in men).

      As for your commment about not having a fetish for chocolate cake? Are you being serious? I sell my work on fetish site Clips4Sale and they have whole categories catering for food fetishes!

    4. I just don't get it straight men, lesbian's I don't see it myself I watch gay spanking as it turns me on you know im gay i like to see cocks and balls bit no sex I love the erotica between 2 hot men spanker & spankee so to me I just don't get all that very bizarre. You saying about spanking as a whole school's, children that just the standard but it isn't just discipline when it involes 2 particating adults there is sexual erotica there.. You would not see a guy get spanked by his dad in real life like you would see in these "fantasy clips" be cool though. You pay the straight guys to spank each other you are gay so there's gay input in these clips which give it a somewhat gay theme.

      Anyway whatever floats there boat. We are all indervidulal we all see things different.

      On that note..... I bet there has never been a men spanking men studio created and run by a completely "straight man" all are gay to my knowledge. Interesting! :)

    5. I forgot to say in my mind despite whatever you say I will always see it as gay spanking. Labels can be good without labels we wouldn know what we're looking at... And how would they pick out the best chocolate cake if it wasn't labeled "the best"

    6. Someone might have labeled the cake "The Best", but that does not mean it is. It is just someones opinion. Someone else might think it is horrible cake!

      Personally I just like to try things and make up my own mind.

      As for a MM Spanking Studio created and run by a straight man? Well there is Brett Stevens

      I makes no difference at all to me how other people label or view my movies. If you see it as gay spanking, then that works just fine for me. I certainly wouldn't try and impose my way of thinking on anyone else.

      Anyway you summed it up perfectly when you say we are all individuals and all see things differently and it would be a very boring world if we were the same.


  3. Wonderful as always mr x , do you have any plans to do more sports related films? Something with spandex perhaps to show off the lads firm round assets... Oh I must have a lie down!

    1. haha, sounds like you need a lie down in a darkened room! I always plan to do more sporting themed movies, though not to sure about spandex! Maybe speedos though! :)

  4. I guess I fall into the category which Mr. X is talking about. I identify as a straight male, all my relationships have been with women, and I have been with my current (female) partner for nearly seven years. I have never had any interest in having sex with men or watching men have sex (I'm not homophobic, its just not for me). However, I enjoy watching M/M spanking movies featuring straight men in, non-sexual, discipline related scenarios. (coach and athlete, College Principal and Student, Dad / adult son, that sort of thing)

    I can't explain why, I just do. It may be an American thing. Here spanking and paddling is less viewed as “sexual” as in Europe, or at least it didn't used to be

    I like what I have seen of Straight Lads Spanked, and also Sting, but not their Hornet brand ones (LOL), Spanking Straight Boys also looks good.

    1. Yeh OK! Whatever you say "straight man"

  5. Hi there,

    I just wanted to chime in on this great conversation.
    I've been a paying member of for some time now. I am an American lesbian that has been with my current partner for thirteen years. I include that I'm American because I think the previous poster has a valid point about spankings being more eroticized outside the U.S.

    I also have no interest in gay male erotica and wanted to talk about why I enjoy mm spanking. I believe, for me, there is a very definite difference between having a gay spanking/bdsm fetish and having a discipline/punishment fetish. I know that to some, there might not seem like a lot of difference between the two, but to me there is.

    I think for many, a spanking fetish is a lot about the physical, two bodies interacting, one dominating, the nudity, peekaboo genitals, etc. For me, as a discipline and punishment enthusiast, it's actually important that the spanking not be erotic for it to be effective as a fetish. Real life discipline, as Mr. X mentioned, in the home or in school, would never be sexualized, and that is the quality and tone of the spanking movies I, and others like me, seek.

    The reason why I choose to watch mm spanking clips above any of the other pairings available is because mf, fm, or ff movies all seem to contain elements of sexuality, overt or otherwise, that taint the discipline fetish experience.

    That being said, plenty of mm spanking studios do the same, but Mr. X has found his niche audience. He knows what we want and like and there is not another studio out there that does this thing better.


    1. Well to me gay spanking (I call it that like I said let that be clear here) is porn and erotica it's very, very important I love seeing big balls swing and man feet. We are worlds apart pretty glad about that we just don't mix.

    2. Although I am happy to allow an exchange of opposing views, please remember to keep your comments polite and friendly.


  6. You both say spanking is seen as different outside America but you still would not see a 20 something guy over his dads knee with his dick dangaling down his dads lap in all honesty would you.... even in the US. (If any guys do still get put over your dad's knee holla at me ;) So whatever way it is kind of erotica/gay it is just that to a certain degree.

    What you do and don't see others see and do thru different eyes.

    1. Well the lads dick has to dangle somewhere. Dicks do dangle! Having a dick is not gay and having a dick that dangles somewhere is not gay.

      if you are attracted to guys (like gay men and straight women) then you might happen to find the dick dangle erotic. However, if you happen to be of the ilk that is not sexually turned on by the sight of a penis then it would not be the slightest erotic.

      As the producer, I can honestly tell you that I have never given any thought as to where the lads penis ends up dangling. It just dangles where it flops!

      However, I am delighted to hear that some people are enjoying the dick dangling aspect of my work. :)

    2. I didn't say that what I meant is if it was real life situation would seem a bit gay real father/son don't miss quote me. What i was saying is even though some of them might not view punishment as erotic over in the US they are still very unlikely to see a 20 something getting a real spanking unless it was in a erotica clip I think you may be mislead a bit on what I am actually saying. See here is where me and you a different if I was to film a clip I would make sure getting good shots of the frontal area was on my top to do list but we all have our own styles :)

    3. If the lad being naked is part of the story then I will be certain to film that and capture him in all his glory, to keep the people who enjoy seeing penis very happy. In the same way that I will make sure to capture arm pits and feet for those that enjoy that.

      At the same time though, I will also include verbal sayings like, "you are grounded", or "you are going to bed without any supper" for those who enjoy that aspect of the movies.

    4. I love the grounded scenario that's cool and being sent to bed without cake maybe lol. In fact seeing a big hot hunk sent to bed is quite erotic to me. :)

  7. Anyway if you like it then that's your choice I'm just very mind fucked right now. I'm sure others would be as well.

    1. I also wanted to mention that while there are straight men, straight women, and gay women that love mm spanking as non-gay discipline fetish, we should consider that there also must be some gay men that enjoy mm spanking, not as a way to see hard assess and nice dangly bits, but as the non-sexual discipline fetish some of us see. It would be unfair to assume all gay men considered these clips purely erotic jerk material. I could be wrong.


    2. You are not wrong uchikimatsu, I personally do not enjoy seeing sex scenes in a spanking movie, for my own taste I would far rather keep the two separate. Although I know a lot of people feel differently.

    3. I do not like seeing sex in clips that's a right turn off but as a gay man its very much wanking material for me for me i expect a fit round arse and a good looking lad. I mean I into all this dominance etc hot men being dominated by there dads is best. I love guys getting spanked in smelly socks another Fetish of mine. I'm just freak.. Freak

  8. Hey Ward, I forgot to mention what a great job you did on this story board! You do justice to a really great clip! (I just put up my review at SLS)


    1. Thanks uchikimatsu, I appreciate the kind comments. I also enjoyed your excellent review of this movie. People can view your review at this link:

    2. It's a great review! Thanks Uchikimatsu. :)

  9. Orange jam; to me it seems to be all about the labelling.

    Primarily, I am a spankophile (think George from Cucumber, but with an ‘sp’ instead of a ‘w’).

    I am male, 99% top, & only top with other blokes (it is actually more restrictive than that, only fit, muscular, masculine men in their early 20s – you can imagine how practical that is, but, hey, hormones.). Whether or not this forms part of an ongoing relationship (sexual or otherwise) or leads to sex with the other person, is not critical to me.

    Very occasionally, I am also interested in bottoming. Whether the other person is male or female doesn’t matter to me, but, if they are male, they need to be older & less attractive than me (an ever reducing section of the population, which is now practically entering endangered status); if female, they only need to be old enough to carry off the role they are playing. This is never part of an ongoing relationship (whether sexual or otherwise) & never results in sex with the other person.

    When I’m watching a video, for it to work for me, the participants need to match all my above criteria (& not switch roles). One of the most erotic scenes (for me) was the f/m spanking dream sequence from Haven, even though the recipient woke up before the actual spanking.

    So am I gay, straight or bi-sexual?

    Clearly, I have no claim to be straight. To me, being bi implies a sexual interest in both sexes. To describe me as that seems to me to be a serious case of mis-selling, as I have no interest in either having sex or a sexual relationship with a woman, do not find them sexually attractive, & am merely very occasionally interested engaging in an activity that has only implicit, but not explicit, sexual overtones, with someone who can, but does not need to be, female.

    Therefore, describing me as gay seems to be the least inaccurate way to proceed, even if it is not quite the whole story.

    What then of my mirror(ish) image; someone who is exclusively attracted to, and only has sex with, women, may or may not engage in spanking them, but very occasionally is interested in just being spanked by someone, who can (& may or may not need to be) male? Describing them as gay seems inaccurate, & even ‘bi’ seems to suggest more is on offer than actually is; ‘straight’ seems the least unsatisfactory way to proceed.

    There are undoubtedly other combinations not considered here & it seems to me that ultimately really only the person, whose life it is, is in a position to decide which label approximates them best.

    People are complicated.

  10. Can I chime in and say I am a gay man who finds f/f and m/f scenes quite titalting :) they don't turn me on to the point of climax but I do enjoy them .... Bun beating fun is an example , I guess my fetish is for brats getting comeuppance and like mr x says we are too quick to label!

  11. Ward, you watch as it turns you on I'm guessing your gay.

    What does a Lesbian and a Straight man get from watching if they are not attracted to men. It's doesn't make sense and neither does there sexual orientation.

    Fetish meaning..... a form of sexual desire!

    (I like the discpline element and the hard spanking but i would never watch a woman being spanked by anyone nor would i ever want/enjoy watching a man spanked by a woman because I am a gay man I fancy men) So if you watch this because you have a discipline fetish you must be attracted to what you are watching (again fetish = sexual desire) therefore they are attracted to the men getting punished... THE MEN! After all this is considered as porn and you wouldn't really sit and watch it with the family and say that was a great little movie really enjoyed that, you would not do that as this content is sexual.

    So to me this is nothing more than porn, I get turned on when watching gay spanking and its a simple as that, my conclusion is you must really be a bisexual if you are a Straight man or a Lesbian woman watching gay MM spanking but if your a straight woman then that would make sense for her to like this as she would be attracted to the man.

    Im a very black and white person its either one way or another no in betweens with me and that's how it is.

    I'm done here now.

  12. Hello again Mr Anonymous.... You say you just don't understand why a gay woman or a straight man enjoys watching MM Spanking Movies. It just doesn't make sense to you. Well I suppose the simple conclusion is what does it matter? You clearly know whta you like and if you are incapable uof understaing other peoples desires even though they have patiently explained it to you then I guess it really doesnt matter.

    But let me try one last time. I think I can see the part that you are not understanding.

    Ok so you that when a gay wonam is watching MM Spanking because they have a discipline fetish then they must be attracted to what they are watching?
    So yes, you are quite correct so far.
    But then you then go on to say that "therefore they are attracted to the men getting punished."

    This is the part in which you are mistaken. It's an easy mistake to make though.

    The person is attracted to the situaiton. The act of the punishment and discipline. The attraction can starts long before any clothes are removed. It's not the men that they are attracted to. It's the fact punishment situation that the man is invloved in that provides the thrill.

    Yes, it is considered as porn. That is correct.

    Just because you yourelf are turned on by the men in the movies because you feel urges towards them does not mean that everyone has to feel the same.

    Some people watch my movies desperate to see the lads feet ecposed and others watch the same movie desperate to see the lad keep his socks on with a focus on the socks. Both are very different desires, but both equally valid and understandable.

    So far in this conversation we have had Straight men saying they enjoying watching MM Spanking even though they have never had any desire for sexual relaitons with men. I have many, many members who all feel exactlyt he same. We have also had a gay woman stating that she also loves the movies even though she is not sexually attracted to men and we hav also had a gay man contribute to this discussion stating that he enjoys watching spanking movies that include woman.

    All very different, unconnected people saying the same thing. It seems to be clear to everyone else...

    I understand that it is confusing to you. I'm guessing the bst that we can hope is that you might just be able to accept that it actually exists even though you might be unable to understand it.

    I understand that you are done here now so just wish you happiness and peace!

    1. Well said!

    2. I meant I'm done with this conversation, but here I go again..... It's not that I'm incapable, I don't feel I am.... if something doesn't make sense then its most definitely flawed.

      It doesn't matter in all honesty. No matter how much you explain I do understand but like I said doesn't make sense I will agree to disagree with you. Peace!

      Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road.... follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road.... Don't mind me I'm of to see the wizard... (asking for a better understanding)

  13. Thanks, Mr. X! You did a much better job explaining how I view things than I did before!

    Yes, it is the discipline and punishment factor that is my fetish, not the men! Yes, it is a FETISH. For whatever reason, most studios producing fm mf and ff just cannot keep the sexual or sensual element out of the scene.

    For me, once there's even a hint of silliness or that the scene is foreplay, its like being dowsed with a bucket of ice water. That is my fetish: pure discipline. The players don't really matter, but mm, and straight lads spanked in PARTICULAR, just seems to get it perfectly right. Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow


  14. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this very interesting thread, which, if nothing else, shows us that we should never make swift judge, and that fans of MM spanking are a wonderful and mixed group.

    However, I think the thread has gone as far as it can, and has started to attract some silly comment, which I have not let through.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this thread, however, it is now closed.