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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sting: A Quick Lesson

Rudi gets "A Quick Lesson"

Bishopsfield Institution an Approved Educational centre for young delinquents provides a stable on going sense of discipline in its programme of retraining. Lads are expected to make the grade and if not trouble surely lies ahead.

In this short story one lad, Williams (Rudi Vallance) has been pushing his luck with his bad behaviour he is sent to his Housemaster (Marco) who is tired of his behaviour to be dealt with.

 This young Housemaster is in no mood to compromise this time and puts the young Williams over his knee for a good long old fashion bare bottom spanking.

 His cheeks grows redder and redder as the Housemasters hand cracks down, the stinging palm, relentless in motion, scorching the lads shapely and well raised bare bottom.

  Perfectly suffering Williams is then turned round into the wheel barrow position where the Housemaster continues his spanking , the lads rounded bare bottom now burning and raw.

A quick lesson he wont forget! 

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


  1. I would love to see Marco in nothing but a pair of socks too-- god he is ggggggorgeous lol

    1. Have to agree - Marco has too nice a bum to be keeping it covered up!

  2. Great spanking! I love the close ups and to see the quivering of Rudi's lovely bum. Thank you.

  3. Doesn't work for me seeing Marco doing the spanking. I was used to seeing him being spanked. They use him too much.

    1. No, Marco is one of Stings best spankers they use him because he is good at it very good. A naturelle as I would say.

  4. I applaud Sting for putting Rudi in another wheelbarrow position in this terrific clip! Rudi is gorgeous to begin with and in the wheelbarrow, he is at his best! Other Sting models that would be tremendous to put in the wheelbarrow position are Joey Whyte and Travis McKinnon.