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Friday, 31 July 2015

CP4Men: Ben’s Homework Spanking!

Ben has not been forthcoming with his homework-AGAIN! Its gone pass the point of forgetfulness and Sir has no options but to tell him of the 3 strikes and your out rule in place. Ben knows whats coming-a good over the knee spanking. He promises to finish homework later that afternoon but fails to deliver which earns him the size 14 slipper over the chair!

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sting: Jamie - A Boy in Trouble

Jamie Warrinton (new model Jamie Tyler) is in trouble and has been summoned to the Headmasters office again after failing to keep his promise of behaving himself. He managed to bring Mrs. Hill to tears and the Headmaster has had enough and decides to give him a good dose of spanking. 

 Blazer off he is lifted on to the Headmaster knee and the spanking commences on the seat of his shorts....

but soon decides that Jamie needs spanking on his bare bottom.

The spanking continues only now Jamie is really starting to feel how effective good discipline can be as his bare bottom starts to heat up with each crack of the Headmasters meets his already painful butt!

Still not happy the Headmaster decides that to make sure that he does not upset Mrs Hill again he stands Jamie up and bends him over and retrieves his trust belt from the locker. 

The first crack awakens Jamie's nerve endings even further and each next hit is a perfect lesson for him to learn as his butt gets hotter and hotter. With the punishment finished Jamie is told to get dressed and return to class and behave and to stop being a boy in trouble!

For Reasons of privacy, Jamie has asked that we do not show his face on the blog, but he can be seen at the Sting Website and in the video. 

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This Week's Second update from East Europe Boys

This week's second of two postings from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.

0162 army (part 2)
The marshal continues to punish the soldier Patrik to a hard punishment with the nine-tailed whip severely on his back and bare butt, putting a strain on his endurance level. After the punishment, Patrik can go on vacation.

Christian is bad boy and is already in urgent need of a disciplinary punishment. The master, first punishes him with a short cane on the bare feet (bastinado), in the wheelbarrow position, and then after he strips, Christian receives a vigorous caning over the master's knee.

MILO MILIS (part 2)
The new boy Milo is ordered to be punished by the master, for training, and he receives a painful spankings by hand in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position.

 From Training4Boys
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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hector's First Spanking

Hector's First Spanking

This is Hector's first ever spanking video First contact video! but features a long, hard spanking/paddling. Hector is a 20-year-old straight boy who needs money to pay for college. He wanted to do a video, so he contacted Tom at Spanking Straight Boys. 
Tom may have given Hector more than he bargained for, he goes at Hector with his hand, a small oak paddle, leather slapper and a bamboo spatula.  The video ends with a severe round with the bamboo spatula that has Hector groaning, kicking and cursing.

It seems like Hector struggles with what his reaction to the spanking should be. Tom doesn't coach the boys, so what you see is either how Hector wants to appear, or how he thinks Tom wants him to react. He is in pain, but it seems like he is trying to pretend he isn't.

By the end of the video, as the pain takes over, you see Hector's true reaction. After the shoot was over, Hector told Tom that he was ready to walk out just a few minutes into the video because it hurt so much. But he needed the money for tuition and books, so he stuck it out. 

Video Preview

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