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Saturday, 11 July 2015

BBFC: Cal Thrashed


BBFC tell me they get a lot of emails asking for Cal to be spanked so here it is an extra long clip of him getting a good hard spanking, 
plus the rest!!. 

Starting with the cane his little butt, hard from all the gym he does, gets some stripes. The cane is always good at raising a few welts. 

Then the wide strap, that leaves a very distinctive mark, which makes him hop up and down a little. The swats are hard enough that at the end of the session the strap actually breaks if you watch closely - 
that's one hard ass boy.

Swapping over to the paddle Cal is taking it well. His ass is looking great with its range of marks so far. 

Then OTK for the brush and that really makes him jump around. The brush adds a deep colour to the already glowing buns.


Then a final set with the rubber strap and this baby really stings like hell. Cals legs wobble and buckle at each stroke.

But he has firmed it out and taken it all. Kudos and a handshake well deserved.

 Video trailer

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 


  1. Oh... So, guys e-mail you their wishes & requests? Cool, good to know.

  2. Maybe Craig i would have been more pleased in seeing him do the spanking. Tony's too nice.

    1. I agree. Craig is a much more severe spanker.

  3. Should've been OTK by hand, hard. Good job having Cal's incredible body naked, though.

    1. I agree. Cal was spanked OTK with a hairbrush, but he should have been hand-spanked hard as well. To end the video, Cal should have laid across the spanker's lap while the spanker applied some soothing cream or lotion (cortisone?) to his ravaged buttocks. Cal would have grimaced, moaned and/or whimpered softly as the cream was slowly rubbed in.

    2. Yeh OTK with them legs spread and them big balls on show and some good hand prints on his muscled arse

  4. I am a fan of those rare videos where Cal is on the receiving end of a spanking, especially "Cal Gets His Comeuppance" and " Payback Time for Cal".

    I have just watched the new "Cal Thrashed" video. It was obviously a long, painful experience for Cal - his buttocks looked like raw hamburger at the end of his punishment. I felt sorry for him.

    Unfortunately, it was unsatisfactory for the following three reasons.
    Reason One - Cal showed little or no response to an obviously painful spanking - i.e., not enough kicking his legs, squirming, struggling, resisting his spanker, crying out in pain, moaning, whimpering, grimacing, etc.
    Reason Two - the video started off with no explanation for Cal's punishment, and the spanker just started punishing him.
    Reason Three - Cal was already naked from the very beginning. The spanker should have stripped him down as Cal's punishment progressed - first pulling his trousers down, then spanking him on the seat of his tight, skimpy briefs, and then pulling his briefs down in back and proceeding with the spanking on his bare buttocks.

    My two favorite videos of Cal being spanked are "Cal Gets His Comeuppance" and "Payback Time for Cal". (The "Payback Time for Cal" clip is called "Cal Smoke" on your members page.) Both of these videos are more satisfying, yet they are shorter - less cost for the producer, less pain for Cal. In both of these videos the viewer knows why Cal is being spanked, Cal is slowly stripped by the spanker as the punishment proceeds (first spanked on trousers, then on underwear for a long time, then on bare buttocks for an even longer time), Cal is wearing tight-fitting and skimpy briefs that outline his bubble butt nicely, and Cal responds to his punishment with lots of leg kicking, squirming, resisting his spanker, yelling in pain, sobbing, whimpering, groaning, grimacing, etc.

    In "Cal Gets His Comeuppance", Cal is dressed in the ideal kind of tight-fitting, skimpy bikini briefs. (If a future video has a swimming theme, Cal could be spanking while wearing a Speedo.)

    In "Payback Time for Cal", Cal is spanked even harder, and Cal's reaction to his spanking is even more demonstrative than in the "Comeuppance" video, but his underwear is not as desirable - i.e., not skimpy and tight-fitting enough.

    I hope you find the producers at BBFC find these comments useful. I look forward to your next video in which Cal or another equally handsome, muscular, clean-cut model is spanked.

    Good luck to Tony and Dan at British Boys Fetish Club.