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Saturday, 25 July 2015

BBFC: Gary and Gerry Caught

 Gary and Gerry Caught is this weekend's update from 

 What will Craig find when he gets home?
Gerry and Gary are having sex in the salon, strictly against the rules anyway. Craig is on the way home unaware of what's going on. 
The lads are really going for it and oblivious to what is about to happen. Craig walks in and sees them and retires to get the paddle. He comes back and lays a few hard whacks on Gerry's butt as he is in mid thrust - a bit of pleasure and pain here judging by his reluctance to stop. 

Pulled apart Gary  is sent off home and Gerry gets a real walloping, so hard  it breaks the paddle so Craig has to get him OTK and punish him that way. 

Afterwards Craig calls Tony and tells him what happened and Gary, who is home now finds himself looking at the carpet with a blistering bum as well.


Preview Trailer


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 

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  1. Dirty bastards at it like rabbits lol. How long is Gerrys OTK scene?

    1. Tony tells me it is between five and six minutes long

    2. Thank you for the info. I download this one later.

    3. Nope just under 5 mins the OVER THE KNEE I can confirm as I have the clip on my phone as I write this.

  2. This video has an interesting scenario. However, the video would have been much better if the two lads who got "caught" were better-looking and more muscular. Cal and Fred would be good examples of the handsome, muscular, clean-cut models that are more appealing to me.

    Suppose that BBFC were to shoot another "caught" video starring Cal and Fred. If the two hunky lads were straight and objected to shooting a video in which they were having gay sex, they could be caught doing something else improper - like using drugs, getting drunk, dealing in stolen merchandise, vandalism,etc.

    1. I agree about the lads getting caught doing drugs.. both lads being spanked! What would be good having the dad's spank them in the same house at the same time and one finishes the spanking and the other guy's dad who's house it is stays in the house still spanking his son a lot longer. Maybe the other dad who left could say to his son something like..... "See son your lucky I'm your father as ya mate is still getting a hiding by his father consider yourself lucky my boy OH! but unlucky your in for 2 months big man"

      I am free to narrate any of y'all clips.

  3. Ignoring the other guy and talking about Gerrys OTK I thought this clip was quite good and the story with something we haven't seen before but it would have made more sense for the guys to jump up when Craig entered the room straight away not to carry on shagging for a while. I'm glad the Paddle broke it took Gerry to the over knee position my favorite very good clip I wish Craig made more of an effort though to keep Gerry firmly over his knees but very good hard spanking.

    I didn't watch the part with Tony as I didn't really fancy that guy that's all.

  4. You know what Gerry is going to do with his money buy himself some cakes, his gained a bit of weight.

  5. I know Tony is the owner of British Boys Fetish Club, and he appears onscreen as the authority figure in a lot of BBFC videos. However, his scenes would be much more effective if he would spank these lads much harder.

    Craig, the other authority figure in this video, is a much more effective spanker. Perhaps Craig can give Tony spanking lessons.

  6. Love the sexual scenario. I'm completely perplexed by criticisms of this video. Having them spanked separately by their respective "Dads" makes sense and gives a little variety to the story -- two randy lads and two Dads. Nothing wrong with that. More stories please in which the nature of the "Dad"/"Son" relationship is clearly sexual.