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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Borstal Alcohol Bust - By Brett Stevens

A new release from Brett Stevens, featuring David, and the return of Brett's older brother Paul (who, like Brett, have appeared in numerous Sting videos)

Paul and David have been caught selling home made alcohol to Brett, who tried to hide the evidence by drinking it and leaving an empty bottle.  This fools no-one   and the lads are all sent to Mr Crewe, who sentences Brett to an immediate 24 strokes of the cane, followed by a spanking 

 Brett Reports to Mr Smith for his punishment, but walks in while another lad is being dealt with

 Brett will be caned first on the seat of his jeans, then on his underpants and finally on his bare bottom

 Brett then receives an embarrassing over the knee, bare bottom, spanking

 But Mr Crewe hasn't even started to deal with the Paul and David, as the main culprits and having both being caught lying, they will get more then they bargained for! - Both are initially sent to Mr Smith for a caning

 David his first

 Followed by Paul

 Then the two lads are ordered to report back to Mr Smith in their gym kit

 As the older boy, and the assumed ring leader, Paul gets the worst of the deal!!

 First a caning, starting on the seat of his gym shorts

 and then on the bare bottom

 Finally Paul is whacked with the leather strap across the marks left by the cane

The (Very Sore) End

Paul also appears in "Reuniting Paul To CP
(A example of grammar which, in itself, justifies a spanking)

Links provided out of respect for Brett Steven's intellectual property rights


Thanks to all those who left questions for Brett, these will now be put to Brett and his answers published here in due course.


  1. Paul is as hot as he was 10 years ago

  2. I'd pay to see Paul get the slipper OTK

  3. I'd also love to see Paul OTK. I bought these new clips and agree; Paul is as hot as ever. More OTK, Brett! Thanks.

  4. Great to see Brett, Paul and David working together. They are three of my all time favourite Sting stars.

    I will definately but this

  5. 'Reuniting Paul to CP' should be Reuniting Parl with CP, of course, but underneath, what about 'Brett Steven's' - which should read Brett Stevens'. Trousers down please, cane or birch? From The Retired Headmaster