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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

CP4Men - Jack's Football Spanking


The Manager is definitely not happy with this rising football star! Once again showing up for practice without his boots. Luckily in his contract the manager has total control over discipline so Jack knows whats coming-a good footballer spanking! Over the knee he goes and its not long before those sexy shorts are off and sir gets down to business! Next its up against the wall for some paddling then over the desk for Sir's size 14 slipper! Ouch! 


Links provided to respect the intellectual property of CP4Men




Those who asked to see Jack get spanked in School Uniform will be pleased to hear that the will get their wish later this year


  1. Jack is one seriously hot boy with an amazing backside. Would love to see him in a schoolboy uniform

  2. He will be in school Uniform later tis year!

    1. Will be new video of Brutus?

    2. Hi Mart yes there will be another clip from Brutus very soon! He takes part a spanking game. he chooses a card for the implement and a card for the length of time-he ends up with a very red bottom:-)

    3. Oh, such a great news, I can't wait to see it! Thanks :)

  3. Jack is so dreamy, he's such a jock!
    Does he have any intimate videos or an intercourse with someone? :)
    Would love to watch him in action!!

    1. Hi Hot Guys Picturers

      Thanks for all your comments, I have added a link to your blog in the right hand column at JockSpank


    2. Thank you so much, Ward.
      Added you on my blog too! ;)

  4. I love a football kit spanking, the best one was the cp4men Franco one from a while back. Too many producers make a half assed attempt at football kit.

  5. Ps I want to thank the guys at cp4men for their commitment to proper football kit , would they ever consider Aussie rules footy kit (tighter and more revealing) :)

  6. Thats quite a few years back! Franco too had a nice build :-)

  7. An ozzy kit is a possibility! As I remember they are very tight and revealing-oh how wonderful lol