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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fraser: - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home


Fraser has been fighting. Fighting in the football changing rooms. Fighting over a girl! Fraser got sent home, early shamed.

Fraser's furious Father is waiting for him at home! Dad has to go to work, so Fraser is sent to have a shower and wait in his bedroom for his Father to return.

This movie starts with handsome straight lad Fraser, stripping off and having a long, hot shower before returning to his bedroom. 


He then faces an agonising wait for his Father to return home... He knows he is in big trouble!

Finally Dad Returns

What happens next is a very real, hard punishment. Fraser receives a strong lecture from his Father before getting belted.

His Father is furious and this shows in his punishment as the belt lashes Fraser's bare bottom and thighs. 
This is a lesson that Fraser is not gong to forget for a very, long time! 

Fraser takes a long hard beating from Dad


Fraser is idea for the role, his perfect creamy white skin shows the affect of every whack, and his boyish good looks mean he is very convincing in the role. Yet his defined and muscular body reveal him to be a grown man deserving everything he gets!
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  1. Replies
    1. Well, this is a Spanking blog! :-)

  2. Fraser sure is a cute youngster and gentle on the eye. He took his punishment like a man. He is my Number one candidate for a spanking in the locker room in front of the team.

    I hope someone finally delivers on that promise

  3. He's so hot i can't even...

  4. What I do like about this studio is that they also smack the so called "sit spot" ar the very bottom of the bottom, where it meets the thighs. It is probably the most tender part of the spanking zone, which stings longest, and causes the most difficulty when the boy tries to sit down,

    Great aim Sir!

    1. I agree a lot of other studios tend to aim all the smacks high up in the middle of the bottom, whereas a bad lad needs an all over tan.

      Dave gets it just right.

      I hope Fraser gets the slipper some time

  5. Fraser is one of my favorite lads from straight lads spanked. Him and Liam.