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Monday, 6 July 2015

Revisiting Mormon Boyz

I am posting a few more images from Mornon Boyz, partly because the images themselves are so erotic and a pleasure to look at,  but also in the hope that one day the site will actually get round to spanking these handsome young hunks for real.

If like many people you enjoy watching handsome young men getting off with each other and also with older men, then you will find that Mormon Boyz does that very well, and with the added thrill of the forbidden. 

However, if you want to see Male on Male Spanking, then you would be out of luck, as that is not what they do, at least not much!    

Warning: is 99% a gay sex site featuring handsome young Mormon missionaries (or Elders) awakening to the pleasures of male sexuality. However, a small number of their updates feature spanking scenes, such as this one where Elder Roberts receives a spanking from Patriarch Smith, before they get down to other business

I think they are sexy pictures, enjoy them for what they are.  

As I said last time I posted images from this site, I am not sure I totally approve of what Mormon Boyz do, the Mormon Church has shown itself more than able to tolerate and overcome the odd irreverent pastiche,  however, no site would dare apply this sort of treatment to members of any other religion. Hence, it is difficult to totally ignore the whiff of double standards.  

However, that aside, I must admit there is a lot to like about Mormon Boyz and that it does showcase the talents of some extremely handsome young men. Therefore, the site may be of interest to those of you who enjoy male on male sex with the very occasional passing hint (and it is only a hint) of male on male spanking.

Link provided out of respect for Mormon Boyz intellectual ownership


  1. Mormon boys are interesting but their teachers etc, those bears... YES!

  2. This is what i want to see this is right up my street the whole hot daddy back from work in a suit with his lad over his knee but i like hard otk spanking.