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Monday, 13 July 2015

Spanking Straight Boys: Curtis's First and Only Spanking

Naked and nervous! Curtis is a 20-year-old straight college student. This is Curtis' first spanking video (as well as his first-ever spanking), and it will almost certainly be his last. Before this video, he had never been touched by a man, and, as far as he can remember, had never been spanked or paddled (Which almost certainly means he hadn't been) 

 During a spanking, Tom catches only brief glimpses of the boy's reactions. When reviewing this footage, Tom was surprised to see the look of genuine fear and vulnerability on Curtis' face as he waits, bent over and naked, for Tom to begin the session. Curtis had been confident, even cocky, during his interview video. But all of that bravado is gone when Curtis stands naked and bent over before Tom and his cameras.

More than he bargained for: 

Curtis had expected 10 strokes from a paddle. What he hadn't expected, and what he had not wanted, was 10 more from Tom's bare hand. But all bets were off when Curtis foolishly presumed that the session was over and started towards his clothes to get dressed. Tom will have none of that. He explains the situation to Curtis and gives him a hard choice.

By comparison with many of the guys at Spanking Straight Boys, there aren't a lot of strokes in this video, but they are hard and bring tears to Curtis' eyes by the end of the video. But more than just the physical pain, you see Curtis embarrassed and humbled. And you see it all from multiple angles

Curtis found that spanking hurt more than he had expected, and after this one session, he decided spanking was not for him, so this is Curtis's first and only spanking video

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  1. He's got it, didn't he? Bet it hurt.

  2. I would have put him otk and spread his thighs and spanked that booty red.

  3. Seems like only yesterday my old man was giving me naked butt whippin's - I can understand Curtis' nervousness and, for a first timer, he takes it well. My old man sure could whip butt!1 His speciality was the "Five barred gate" with the cane - four horizontal strokes and then a diagonal one across the other four OR the like the grid for the X and O's game - two vertical, two horizontal. Adn that was after a butt whippin' with the strop - his view "Lad you're 15 now you gotta get some welts" Seems like yesterday.

    1. Your old man sounds like mine did. I was 16yrs when the 'stick' as we always called it started a close relationship with my bare ass. Like Curtis, and everyone else, I was scared stiff of the visious evil thing but like all bad boys I earned every welt.