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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sting: Angry Dads: Dad's Back - and he's not happy


Two brothers Nicholas (Leo Wilde) and Jonathan (Tyler Fox) are heading home after a day of skiving off school unaware that dad is waiting with a face on for them to return after receiving a call from the Headmaster to explain their absence from school.

On arriving home Nicholas not in his school uniform is immediately questioned by his dad as to his behaviour. Stumbling on his words through guilt of being caught out his dad tells him the exact reasons and without hesitation pulls out the chair puts him over his legs and starts spanking firmly on the seat of his jeans. 

Not happy with the results dad orders a shocked Nicholas to remove his jeans and brings him back over to continue his much deserved punishment. 

Still not convinced its doing as intended, Nicholas is lifted up and his pants are removed, legs spread the crack of dads hand starts to bring the message home to Nicholas already burning arse cheeks whilst responding to Nicholas begging with harder spanks and a verbal reminder of why he is in that position.

Standing up clearly hurting and embarrassed form the spanking Nicholas is sent off to get the slipper from the draw. Returning he is made to kneel on the the chair and the slipper is quickly bought down on to his already glowing red arse with a good swift crack Nicholas know his dad means business. 

The onslaught is relentless and protests from Nicholas only serve to make his dad bring down the pain maker even harder on to his now very colourful arse! Standing up with his pride on the floor Nicholas is sent to his room with a final verbal reminder of who he is!

Not long after, Jonathan arrives all cocky as always, but soon realises that he is in trouble with dad, and being the older of the two dad is particularly disappointed with his behaviour, clothes and even his level of hygiene. So again the chair is pulled out and Jonathan is ordered over his dads knees and the punishment begins with a damn good spanking.

 Clearly having no affect Jonathan is stood up and told to remove his jeans, Dad continues to verbally humiliate Jonathan before bringing him back over his knees to continue the punishment.

 Still not happy with the effect the spanking is having Jonathan is told to remove his pants and socks. Pulled back over dad continues the spanking with a now pleasing cracking sound to match Jonathan sounds of discomfort. Jonathan then begins to fight back and stop his dad spanking him which only fuels his anger and intensifies the spanking even more whilst firmly gripping Jonathan ear making sure that he knows dad is not happy.

 Spanking finished an unhappy Jonathan stands up and starts to walk off but dad is having none of it and grabs his ear and pulls him back for more.

 This time whilst knelt on the chair dad retrieves the belt from the table and the next punishment begins. Crack after crack the stinging belt perfectly delivers dads message to Jonathan now colourful and uncomfortable arse cheeks. Slowly standing up and with dad almost contented Jonathan is made to stand by the wall and ordered to stay there so he knows for sure that dad is back and 
Not Happy!

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  1. That's some real dad-son relationship. :)

  2. love this clip rob is look like my dad he punish me now please