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Monday, 24 August 2015

Kevin and Mike - Prank Goes Wrong

(Images from Parts 1 and 2)

Kevin and Mike are best friends. They had a crazy idea to prank their buddy by letting his car tyres down! The silly guys messed up and sabotaged the wrong car. Instead they let down an elderly ladies vehicle.  Ooops!

The local residents got involved and checked the CCTV footage and identified Kevin and Mike as responsible.

The guilty lads were given and ultimatum. Either visit the community spanker, Mr X or face the police! The lads chose to get punished instead!
Mr X has a particular issue about any offence committed against people who live locally. He is very unhappy with Kevin who is a repeat offender. Mike, on the other hand is visiting Mr X for the very first time. Both lads face an over the knee, bare bottom spanking!

Although Mike is genuinely contrite, cocky Kevin is not taking the situation seriously 
Kevin gets the first spanking, starting on the seat of his jeans

Mr X is about to spank Mike when he notices that Kevin is still laughing

So he spanks him some more

Now it is Mike's turn

Kevin is ordered to strip and is spanked on his underpants 
Mike knows he is next

Mike is spanked on his underwear while Kevin pretends to be bored

Mr X lectures Mike

Kevin is still behaving as if the whole thing is a big joke

He is now spanked hard on his bare bottom

Mike takes his turn

Mr X is still not happy with Kevin's attitude

He is determined to wipe the grin off Kevin's face

Kevin receives the even harder, bare bottom, spanking he really deserves

Kevin admits that he was the main culprit, so now he faces a lashing with the leather flogger

While Mike winces in sympathy for his friend

A well punished bottom

The treatment has been successful

There is no sign of a grin left on Kevin's face

Mouse Spank Kevin's sore bottom or CLICK HERE to visit 
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Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. Kevin is quite lovely to look at

  2. Kevin is so gorgeous and he has the best butt Orla xx