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Thursday, 27 August 2015

New Release from Mans Hand Films : D.U.I.

(Dad's Ultimate Intervention)



     Dad has had this conversation with Andy before he had his DUI.  Dad is determined there will not be another. Coming home early he catches Andy at the kitchen table the a couple of empty beer bottles.  He calmly explains, once again, to Andy why this is unacceptable and then prepares to explain in his own,  no-nonsense way on the seat of his son’s jeans, old-fashioned underwear, and bare behind all over the knee. 

Then reaching the end Fred marches his son to the corner.  While he prepares for the final part of the lesson with his leather strap!

The scene ends with a sincere hug but with the knowledge that it will be worse if it happens again.

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  1. Just purchased this video. The young lad is really hot and he gets a jolly good hiding.

  2. i would like to express my sincere congrats to mr. connelly and the gents at MHF for a masterpiece here that arrived to us rather quietly (most masterpieces do). it is in the best way a throwback to the 1980s/early '90s-- a wonderful era of CP videos that has evidently never diminished. the model is hot, the scenario is hot, the punishment is believable, unfussy, totally domestic. to say i enjoyed it is quite an understatement. thank you for this wonderful video!

  3. I like this video very much. Andy Pinecrest and Fred Stevens are very believable in their roles and the domestic discipline scene is realistic. The relationship between Andy and Fred seems to count for a lot, as you can see in the hugs at the end. Highly recommended!