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Saturday, 8 August 2015

PhotoShopped By Mark - An August treat!

A special Summer treat! A set of superb images from JockSpank's favorite PhotoShop artist Mark

 Caught With His Pants Down

 Italian Mama 

 A Futile Resistance

 For The Cute Little Deer

 On Vacation

 Jeremy's Beach Day 

 No Son of Mine!

 Future Rock Star
 Painful Move Back Home
Makeshift Wood Shed



  1. golly gee i love me some mark!!!!

  2. And I love me some fans!

    1. You'd have more if you didn't use women on a MM spanking blog hows that work out if anyone else was to contribute featuring women it would be posted to jockspank 2 hmm. 😒

    2. Superb work, as always. Clever, funny and hot

  3. This man is absolutely incredible. Although most of the guys here spanked by their parents are too 'hunky' for my personal taste (I like the sweet, boyish lads), the fantasies of this artist are absolutely unbeatable (no pun intended). Thanks so much!! :-))

    Blackfield II

    1. Boyish alarms bells are ringing!

  4. Yet again wonderful work Mark. I know it takes hours but is very absorbing and we all get to enjoy the results of your labours.
    Smiled at 'Makeshift Wood Shed'. Being seen or heard in that situation was possibly the worst nightmare, especially when the cute little lad next door was really the tormentor from hell.

  5. Mark great work!Love the Colonial Williamsburg fantasy: those historic-re-enactment s boys dressed in breeches and slashed open shirts shd take colonial era discipline too!

  6. Superb situations and characters as always, a great imagination and so skilfully executed