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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Sting: Kiwi College 3 (Part 1)

It's the summer term and three more lads have got themselves in to trouble. For the Headmaster and his staff maintaining discipline is always very much ongoing!

One of the juniors Cougan (Elijah Young) has been stealing merchandise from the tuck shop. 

The Headmaster orders a prefect, Henson (Phil Stone) to deal with him. This begins with a traditional caning over Cougan's tightly spread grey shorts.

However he doesn't get of that lightly as immediately after he is ordered to remove his shorts for a bare bottom spanking.

The muscular Henson perches Cougan over his knee then after a good session of stinging slaps changes to a more OTK position.

This is a spanking he won't forget in a hurry!

Another boy Huntley (new StingLad Richy Casey) had seen fit to vandalise an exercise book with phallic images particularly aimed at Mr Sharpe!

The Headmaster is of course furious and hands the boy over directly to Mr Sharpe for corrective treatment.

This housemaster is known for his scorching spankings and Huntley, a well built member of the school rugby team, has a firm rounded target to aim for! 

For good measure and as a constant reminder Mr Sharpes swishy rattan cane is brought in to action to end the punishment. Its biting sting and burning stripes will not be quickly forgotten.


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Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership

1 comment:

  1. Spank Mr. Sharpe, spank Mr. Sharpe, Spank Mr. Sharpe - spank him in fromt of his mates or lads! Do you see how he deserves it? Please, Rich and Rob, spank him!