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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Straight Lads Spanked - Glen Caught in the Act!

Glen - Caught In The Act

Glen has got an exciting new job opportunity in London and is staying with his father's best friend Mr Stevens. Mr Steven's welcomes Glen and tells him to make himself at home.

After a long, hot journey, Glen decides to freshen up in a nice hot bubble bath. You can see that Glen has been working out as he strips off to reveal a tight, hard muscular body.

Glen discovers the household laundry basket and spies some of Mr Steven's wifes underwear! He takes his find and heads back to the bedroom for some "light relief".

Mr Stevens returns home and catches Glen in the act, 'enjoying' himself with the underwear!

A furious Mr Stevens threatens to send Glen home, but Glen begs for a second chance as he really has nowhere else to go! So Mr Stevens decides to call Glen's father! The two men agree Glen deserves a good hiding. When handed the phone, Glen tries to dissuade his father …

But without success!!

What happens next is a very long, hard spanking! Glen's muscular bottom is thoroughly spanked until it is very red and sore! Glen has to face the humiliation of getting spanked by his father's friend! 

Half way through the spanking, Glen is sent to the kitchen to fetch a wooden spoon – which is used to spank his bottom 

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  1. Not a fan of the beird, but the bum is 10/10! Wish when the spankee is wearing a towel the spanker pushes it up , like you would if he was wearing a toga or a kilt - much more tantilizing

  2. Glenn really does have a tremendous bottom. I'll bear that in mind regarding the towel! :)

  3. He's a hot diversion from the usual clean cut, hairless boys that usually end up OTK. I love the beard, and his ass is ace.

    1. Completely agree! Love the beard for a change.

  4. I don't mind the beard , I think it's hot to see a macho guy treated like a naughty boy ... Never thought about the towel thing - kinda hot idea though. Maybe In the new locker room set Dave?

  5. Please, more Kevin, wearing underwear, videos! He's so cute. Love to see Kevin wearing this gorgeous underwear in the wheelbarrow and then bastinadoed hard and long!

  6. Dave, can I just say I find your choice of lads excellent , a fine balance of laddish ness and masculinity. I'd love to see them all put in a skimpy school uniform to humiliate them more, is this something you would do?

  7. As an NYC boy living among all the hairy hipsters I say THANK YOU for the beard and the chest hair! Makes a few fantasies of mine come to reality!

  8. I wish i could get spanked along with Glen! Then afterwards maybe rub some lotion on his hot bottom. And then he could do the same for me! ;)

  9. Should have used wifes hair brush on that lovely arse!