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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

BBFC: Lazy Cal gets the Brush


Cal is laying back reading a book instead of doing things around the house. Craig of course has another agenda for the guy.

Confronting him, with brush in hand, he sets about teaching the guy a lesson.

The brush cracks down on his muscular ass and the grimace on Cal's face tell us that the point is being made well.


His kicking and squirming are a beautiful compliment to the swats of the brush. Very much a short sharp shock for Cal.

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Sting: The Birching Block (Part 3) # 2

More images from Birching Block 3

Leonardo King, as Hilton, for grossly infringing the school rules, receives a stinging bare bottom spanking in the dormitory.

Then he is ordered to be given the birch the very next day by his Housemaster, Mr Sharpe. 

All round the walls of the old college the swish and crack of the birch can be heard. The effect of its scorching sting burns more fiercely at each stroke. The effect on the juniors sitting silently listening in the common room is behave or you too might soon kneel on the dreaded birching block! 

CLICK HERE to view part One and the Preview Video


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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sting: The Birching Block (Part 3) #1

The Birching Block (Part3) Stars Leonardo King and Phil Stone

Again the heavy wooden block has been placed in position for two more miscreants to keel in contrition and receive punishment. In time honoured fashion a traditional ceremony of bare bottom birching will take place. The school bursar has been asked to supply the instrument, freshly made and soaked in brine beforehand for extra suppleness.
Two senior lads Hilton (Leonardo King) and Edwards (Phil Stone - pictured above) are to receive their comeuppance.

Edwards has been neglectful of his duties and as a prefect set a very bad example to the juniors in his house. He is ordered to be birched by the Headmaster and to make sure he responds properly again to duty earns a hard bare bottom spanking as a junior might expect, rapid fire included!


view the preview trailer Online

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Monday, 28 September 2015

John's First Spanking


Before this shoot, 22-year-old straight boy John had never done any adult work or been touched by a man. He certainly won't be able to say that any more.

This video opens with Tom giving John 64 hard, bare-handed smacks, all on his right ass cheek. John's ass is already tender, and the pain is written all over his face as he struggles to maintain his composure. After the hand, Tom tells John to go choose the implement he thinks will hurt least. John chooses poorly and brings Tom a large flog. He realizes his mistake with the first lash of the flog. It quickly has him kicking his legs and crying out in pain.

Video Preview

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