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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

BBFC: Ben's Week Thursday

At BBFC Ben's unlucky week continues, and now its Thursday

Ben is in the bath, and when Ben is in the bath he is there for ages. Cal is waiting to use the facilities and Ben is being selfish.

When he finally comes out Cal pounces on him and gives his still wet ass a damned good spanking.

Cal may need the bathroom but a naughty brat that needs a lesson comes first.


Ben gets a red butt and a chance to look at the carpet again, every day he does something that deserves a spanking, these boys never learn.


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. To the person who has left various messages today, including the latest one accusing Ward and I of being "special needs" patients, we have decided not to approve your messages because they are cruel and offensive. People do not need to be "warned" that Ben is slender, they can see that from the pictures above, and the numerous other videos he has appeared in .

    I appreciate that you are not sexually attracted to people of Ben's body shape, that is fine, however, a lot of people are, as he is one of the most popular actors at BBFC.

  2. If these "Ben's Week" videos had featured a good-looking, muscular model like Cal, Fred, Raoul or Rod in the bottom role, you would have a series of excellent videos. However, as these videos featured twinkish Ben in the bottom role, they didn't interest me at all.

    PS - Cal looked very nice in those red shorts, but he needs to be receiving a spanking, not giving one.

    1. .BBFC have asked me to tell you that in that case they has a series coming up that will be of great interest to you

    2. Wondeful! I'm looking forward to seeing these new videos.

  3. Bruce I was sorry to hear abusive messages are being left. How stupid. Ben most certainly doesn't float my.boat and if it were my call he would spend serious time in the gym and the kitchen. But mine is not the only boat to be floated. I agree with the poster above about Carl and Carl's shorts Andrew B

  4. It would be nice to see Cal on the receiving end again