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Saturday, 26 September 2015

BBFC: College Lad Jimmy in Serious Trouble (Scene 1)


The first scene of a two scene story
Jimmy has come home from college to be confronted with a pack of cigarettes found in his room. One very angry Tony was cleaning the place before he went to work and found them hidden away. Throwing them at Jimmy the lad realises he is a whole lot of trouble.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Jimmy, the collection of spanking implements was also in the process of being tidied up and are ready at hand. Hoisted up OTK for a minute or so is now where enough to make the point that Jimmy has to stop smoking. So he is ordered to take off his trousers and underwear and adopt a position on the couch.

The cane cracks down and makes him yelp for the first, and by no means the last, time. 
Switching between the items at hand Jimmys rear end gets the strap, the brush and the paddle in a random mixture.

This keeps him unaware of what's next and each swat raises his volume and pain.

His legs kicking and his wild screams and cries are music and poetry to the ears and eyes of any top. The begging and pleading go unheeded as he is soundly thrashed and taught a lesson.

Jimmy is left in a sobbing heap by the end of the session.

However, Jimmy's day is just about to get a lot worse - CLICK HERE to view scene two and the preview trailer

The video is being avalable in 3 versions. A full clip 32 minutes long, a spanking only part and a sex and spanking part so fans can choose the right part for them 

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 

Title 2257


  1. brilliant spanking! loved the outfit! (not a fan of the sexual content) but superb spanking. Loved the white socks. thank you

  2. can't wait to purchase this one

  3. What a lovely and tempting bottom Jimmy has. I love the white socks too

  4. Usually I am not a twink fan. However, in this case Jimmy gave such a wonderful, demonstrative performance as the bottom that I recommend this video highly. Lots of crying out, whimpering, squirming, kicking legs, etc. on the part of Jimmy leaves no doubt that he did not like the spanking Tony gave him. (Tony is spanking hard in this scene, a refreshing change of pace for him.) The sequences where Jimmy was spanked OTK and/or with that brush were especially effective. I wish that Tony had spanked Jimmy on the seat of his briefs as well as on his bare butt, and that there had been some facial shots to show Jimmy grimacing in agony, but still this was an excellent spanking scene.

    I am not a fan of sex scenes in spanking videos unless the sex is part of the punishment, or unless the bottom is being punished for sexual transgressions, and the bottom does not like the sexual activity forced upon him. The second scene with Ricky as the top did not meet those criteria. The spanking and sex was more erotic than corporal in nature, and Jimmy liked what Ricky was doing to him.

    In spite of the disappointing sex scene with Ricky, the first scene was so good that I recommend this video overall. Keep up the good work.

    PS - Two other bloggers praised the white socks Jimmy wore. I too thought that they were a very good choice. IMHO the guy getting spanked should either wear white socks or be barefoot in most circumstances.