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Saturday, 12 September 2015

BBFC: Dealing with a brat - part 1

This weekend at British Boys

Just look at the attitude and cockiness, smoking and spitting, and walking like he owns the place, how many times have you seen a lad like this is in the street and though I know what he needs.
Well here he is going to get it, and get it good. 

After laughing at Tony when he is questioned about where he has been all day the brat finds himself ass up OTK and getting a good stiff hand spanking.

This is followed by taking off most of his clothes and getting the paddle. 

His butt looks great with the paddle bloom on it, the squirming moaning brat of course feels differently about it.

Spanking done he is given a chore to do and sent on his way. Will he do as he is told, see in part 2 coming soon

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. I am not a twink fan, but I liked this video because of the first portion - where Tony was spanking the model OTK on the seat of his briefs. The model (whatever his name) did a convincing job of squirming, kicking, grunting and whimpering while over Tony's lap, and his lean, firm buttocks and upper thighs were nicely outlined by his tight, skimpy briefs. I noticed something unusual in the later portions of the video - when the model's bottom was bared, and his spanking and paddling was more severe than in the first - the model was less demonstrative in his squirming, kicking, grunting, whimpering, etc. than when he was being spanked on his briefs. Go figure.
    I'm looking forward to Part 2.

  2. Bruce, this comment is not about the latest BBFC video. It's about the illustration at the very top of the JockSpank website screen - the picture of the handsome blonde young man lying belly-down over a bench, about to get spanked by a photoshopped buff Mr. X, by Dexter and by Dr. Barton.

    I like that picture, but the Spryte drawing you used beforehand was even better and more funny. I'm referring to the drawing set in a locker room, where a Spryte character was giving an almost-naked, muscular young athlete a severe OTK spanking. A jock strap was stuffed into the young man's mouth to stifle his protests, howls, whimpers, etc. while being spanked, and the jock strap was dangling out of his mouth. Several other handsome young jocks were either running away or cowering in the corner, fearful that they would be next to receive a spanking. This Spryte drawing is funnier and more erotic than the current picture.

    Please bring back the Spryte drawing if you can.

    P.S. - when was Mr. X ever that muscular as in that photoshopped image? :-)