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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

BBFC: Lazy Cal gets the Brush


Cal is laying back reading a book instead of doing things around the house. Craig of course has another agenda for the guy.

Confronting him, with brush in hand, he sets about teaching the guy a lesson.

The brush cracks down on his muscular ass and the grimace on Cal's face tell us that the point is being made well.


His kicking and squirming are a beautiful compliment to the swats of the brush. Very much a short sharp shock for Cal.

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. Very good video. Handsome, muscular, masculine, clean-cut guys like Cal are my favorite kind of models to receive a spanking, especially a hard, vigorous OTK spanking like the one administered by Craig.

    The only way that this video could have been improved is if there had been facial shots of Cal grimacing in agony as he was spanked. This clip is tied with "Mik's Christmas Dream" as the third best video that you have ever produced, right behind "Cal Gets His Comeuppance" and "Payback Time for Cal".

    Well done.

  2. This is a disappointment and this is not what I was looking forward to OTK with the hand not the Brush I do not like the use of any implements therefore this is not up to my standards. I'm feeling really annoyed with the studios it's over the knee why is the guy dragging on the floor this is the reason why you guys should use a chair if you can't keep a guy over the knee his legs are touching the floor so this isn't OTK IMO I'm not going to buy nothing from BBFC until this is sorted out. This is such a letdown.

  3. I do hope my comment gets posted because I was leaving constructive criticism very heartfelt indeed. I do hope it's posted I really do for the sake of constructiveness.

    1. I let one of your comments through. But not all the crazy ones. We will let BBFC know that this video did not meet your exacting standards in terms of OTK

    2. It's not about having exacting standards Bruce is about understanding the definition of Over-the-Knee spanking it doesn't mean draping on the floor like a pair of curtains. Over the-Knee means exactly that over somebody's knees....over both knees.

      Craig also sometimes not all the time does this spank/grab method when he spanks a guy he grabs there arse after a slap sometimes he spanks good sometimes he doesn't that grabbing is so off putting/annoying that I even actually watched over all my clips with Craig in and deleted the ones where he was using that method as it just isn't spanking and it puts me off. Spanking is hitting both buttocks with your hand hard. When he uses that method it is rather frustrating and ruins the clip he needs to stop that though like I said he doesn't always do that. I do like Craig as a spanker I do though think he needs to read this and understand what I'm saying I not writing this out of disrespect I writing this as someone who has seen loads of BBFC clips with Tony and Craig Rob Cal as the spankers I have a conclusion Tony doesnt hit hard enough for me to enjoy the clips however Craig does but he needs some heads up.

      While I am on the stand I would also like to reccomend that BBFC asks the guy to stand and completely remove there garments so it doesn't restricted leg moment resulting in loss of shots while recording the clip.

      (Too add) Many times I have asked for Cal to be spanked by Craig Over-the-Knee using a chair which will keep Cal prop in a better position over Craig's knees and he legs spread apart.

      This comment is meant as feedback for BBFC as a person who is judging there content having watched a lot of it. I hope BBFC take a few notes from what I have had to say here and understand I'm just offering my feedback and not get offended that is not my intention.

    3. Oh yes another thing that I did forget to add to my comment was about facial shots. There needs to be more facial shots as Rasputin also mentioned above that's another thing I'd like to request and see more of please.

  4. Cal's gorgeous backside is worthy of only the best, and that's just what it gets from Craig.
    Craig really lets fly with that brush. He-he!
    Thanks Bruce for this tasty taster.

    1. I agree. Having a top who really knows how to spank hard is always a good starting point for any spanking video. That bath brush was also a nice touch.

      The fact that handsome, muscular Cal squirmed as he lay over Craig's lap, kicked his legs, and yelped in pain - i.e., letting us know that this spanking hurt - made this video excellent. The fact that Craig spanked Cal both on his tight briefs and on his smooth, round, firm butt was frosting on the cake.

  5. I want to sniff Cal's socks.


    Lets just use this (gif) as an example of what I mean his legs are both shut and kneeling on the floor.... Yes the floor, not hanging Over-The-Knee. There is in no way you are going to get any good shots of the guys Nuts/Balls/Dang-A-Lang like that you have a very sexy man there yet at almost every opportunity you let it go to waste that's why it irks me so much.


    I rest my case now.