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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Saturday Spankables

 Here are this weekend's Saturday Spankables
 The first batch of spankable bottoms were selected by Rich O'Shea of Sting

 And now some from Bruce's collection


Ending, as are so many Gay sites this weekend, with the incredible James Hill winner of Celebrity Big Brother



    I'd like to spank these fresh of the pitch..

    Who watches Big Brother any more kind of sad I hate that show total bullshit.

    1. Big Brother may be rubbish, but you should read what the gay press (and twitter) have been saying about James Hill. He's a very sexy man (with a very spankable bottom) - sadly he's straight

    2. Meh... you make it sound like an incredible human being just because he's "good looking, sexy" ...meanwhile in Africa!

      Sometimes I hate this world we're so consumed with looks and all that shit and putting someone on a pedestal because they look certain way. Just fucking annoys me I mean just look at what you've wrote in this blog the incredible James Hill what's incredible is someone who save somebody's life that's incredible.

      sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer I mean no offence to you just a rant.

    3. With respect friend, don't you think that sometimes you take spanking blogs a little too seriously?

    4. No I'm not on about spanking I'm on about how we are too quick to say someone is incredible just because they look hot. People praising this incredible human for what? because he looks good becuse he flirted with a gay man and all these gay men are now lusting an a straight man flirting with a gay man you know that's mean that's leading someone on so his not incredible in my eyes. Good looking and looks well for his 35 year's. Yes!

      About taking spanking seriously in terms of making good content which will keep your studio alive and active I would take that seriously in terms of gaining people's trust and loyalty that's a serious thing especially when you have to pay money for these clips so in terms of making good clips I would think that's serious thing to do especially when the fussy fucks like me but I wouldn't actually say im fussy more a case of what I like to see.

      Above that I get annoyed easily. In fact i am like the most un-serious person.

    5. I don't think anyone is suggesting he is "an incredible human being" albeit he seems a nice enough chap. He is, however, very pleasing on the eye, entertaining and has a nice bottom, which is really what the Saturday Spankables are all about.

      Incidentally you are being unfair about his age he is only 28 not 35.

      We all appreciate that there are incredible people doing incredible things in the world, we certainly admire them, but just don't necessarily want to spank most of therm,

      Shall we now move on? :-)

    6. Well I don't like him. Yeah lets move onto to the next fight. LMAO. DING! DING!

  2. niiiiiiiice stuff, yall.

  3. Can I not just comment without a debate please. Lol