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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sting Classic: Reformatory USA (Part 1)

The latest Sting Classic is Reformatory USA a 95 minute epic length saga of life within the walls of an American Correctional institution for miscreant young men. A life of strict discipline, endless rules and frequently punished bottoms.

Rormatory USA features over fourteen handsome Sting stars including David White, Matt Mills, David, Tigger, Robbie, Vex, Barry and CJ Jacks.

Among the disciplinarians on the staff are Margusta, Dr Barton as Captain Willard T. Morteton Brett Stevens as Officer Mike Hathaway and Zack Price as Officer Joe Deatvine. 

 Captain Willard T. Morteton (pictured above disciplining prisoner Drew Baseheart – played by Matt Mills) runs Pine Valley Reformatory in the strictest possible way. A ex military man who believes in the firm smack of discipline and the boy inmates sure know it!

One boy, Scott Marconi (Robbie) knows it only too well after getting a double strapping from two officers for attempting to escape

Joe Deatvine (played by Zack Price) is a new young warder, he’s learning the ropes and equipped with his regulation paddle begins his duties with relish. 
Danny Carver a petulant young inmate soon crosses swords with this new greenhorn officer and sparks begin to fly. Whilst on cleaning duties Danny finds the unofficial punishment record and on reading it gets an insight in to the punishments meted out at Pine Valley.

Before experiencing it for himself


Tigger as Dwight Mitchell feels the sting of the traditional hickory cane

Anderson plays inmate Sam Donahue

On one of the few occasions when Brett Stevens escapes a sore bottom himself as Officer Hathaway he hands out some strict discipline to the young inmates, including CJ Jacks and David

Persistent offender Drew Baseheart (Matt Mills) gets his bare bottom roasted by Captain Moreton on two occasions, first by means of an over the knee spanking, and then by the paddle.

You won’t sit down for a month boy! 



The popular Vex as Duane Cording receives a taste of the wooden paddle

Barry, as Henry Curtis discovers he is not as hard as he thought when his bare bottom is soundly paddled

TO BE CONTINUED …. There is no escape from 

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership

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  1. Tigger was such a council Chav with his gold on. Haha