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Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Tripple from East Europe Boys (2 of 2)

This week's second of two postings from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.
0167 army (part 3
The Soldiers' punishment continues, as in parts 1 and 2. Resigned to his fate, the soldier Tomas receives a vigorous and painful spanking with a long leather strap on his ass, putting yet more strain on poor soldier's endurance level, followed by a vigorous and painful spanking by hand

Josef Part 1

Josef returns to the master after a long time, ready for a good spanking. The master orders him, first to undress, and then receive a painful spanking by hand, standing with his hands behind his head.

KUBA HO. AND TOMAS JA. (part 2) 
Kuba and Tomas are sentenced to a long and lasting punishment, and after that the master tells them the kind of punishment to be endured, Now it is Kuba’s turn, and Tomas is put with his face to the wall, then Kuba, after being stripped, he is severely punished, for the first time in his life with the cane on the soles of the feet (bastinado), then on the bare ass

Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images



  1. East Europe news & notes, A Tribute to East Europe model, Pavel Tom . . .gorgeous model Pavel Tom has left the East Europe site, moved to London to learn English, the website states. Good luck to the handsome guy, he made many memorable, classic spanking clips for East Europe, Sting and cp4men. Pavel Tom always had terrific reactions to his pain. He made many memorable spanking clips these last few years. In my opinion, Pavel Tom's best work was when he received bastinado; the fierce bastinado pain caused his best reactions. The best East Europe clip ever made was a two parter several years ago, still available at Pavel Tom's feet were strapped to a low bed and he lay face down on the floor. At first, wearing white underwear, Pavel Tom's tender soles were bastinadoed by the master, over and over again, with no mercy. Then, the underwear came off. His fabulous butt was shown, in glory. The tender soles of Pavel Tom's feet were hit over and over relentlessly by the master, pushing him into glorious agony frenzy territory. Pavel Tom forgot the camera was on him, capturing every reaction and agonized scream. Pavel Tom chewed the rug, over and over, he hurt so bad! A breathtaking, classic, unforgettable, spanking vid from East Europe. He made other bastinado clips, face down on a tan leather coach. Pavel Tom we will miss you, love and good luck. You left a fabulous collection of terrific spanking vids and you will never be forgotten. Please come back to East Europe in the future . . . . I noticed this week "Josef va" was a top seller at Easat Europe, clips4sale. I looked it up and bought it. A spanking gem clip from 2012 that I overlooked at the time. One of Josef's best. One of the best spanking clips, ever. Josef gets dragged in to the site by the master. Put over the master's knee, wearing his gorgeous pants, the master raises the brush up high and comes down on Josef's butt over and over like a ton of bricks! Josef screams in pain from the get go and the master continues smacking him over and over. Next, Josef gets it on his underwear and then bare naked. The lad's lovely butt gets red and Josef tries to escape the master's brutal assault but cannot. A real throbbing gorgeous painful beautiful spanking Josef gets first by brush and then by hand. The master hits him hard and fast, which makes the vid so enthralling. A real classic, treat yourself to it . . .Also, I saw on Jockspank recently an entry praising another Prague studio, now defunct, discipline4boys. I have checked out the stills for some of the vids and some of the boys are gorgeous. Comments on the web state that this is the best studio ever! Apparently the owners may have been tried and imprisoned for brutality, although no blood was ever found. Check it out on the web, discipline4boys!

    1. In leaving East Europe to learn English in London, Pavel Tom joins other dearly treasured and never forgotten East Europe models that have left to pursue other activities in foreign lands. This list of departed East Europe models include: Davide, Michal, Filip and now Pavel Tom . . . I mentioning the classic 2012 East Europe clip above, "Josef va," and Josef plays the victim here so well, from the get go, screaming in pain each time the master swings the brush high and hard down on Josef's butt. Josef's screams only get louder and more desperate as the clip plays on. I forgot how great some of Josef's early clips have been. Josef has been making clips for Sting under another name and just appeared again at Sting recently. A truly breathtaking clip, available at!

  2. No blood was found, you've got to be kidding. There are several films where its just running down the lads legs!

    1. I would rather the discussion of the Discipline4Boys studio would cease here. We have not published any of their material here for a number of years, and have no plans to do so. As I understand it the studio closed following legal action and a subsequent trial during which certain claims were disputed.

      When it comes to film it is often difficult what is real and what is artifice.

      For instance Mel Gibson did not actually die whilst making Braveheart, although he certainly appeared to.

      As JockSpank is not in a position to establish what is real and what is not, we take the cautious approach and do not feature material which appears to portray excessive brutality, or the infliction of wounds which draw blood, which was arguably the case with D4B.

  3. There was one very good D4B clip it was the Xmas (part 1) OTK clip that was a very descent clip minus the Xmas scenario. I actually have that particular clip.

    1. That is the one which we have posted stills from here however, as Bruce said, we would rather not discuss their other work

    2. No ward that's not the one it was a good OTK scene the spanker was dressed as Santa but look beyond the costumes and it was prolly one of there best clips a very good and we'll made OTK clip.

      Christmas 1 is the clips name. There is also a part 2 which isn't OTK.