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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

BBFC: Cal is Late


Craig is fuming as Cal is late home from work and he had things planned. 

Cal is summoned as soon as Craig hears the door close and in a flash he has Cal ass up and is spanking him hard on the overalls.

These of course have to go and Cal is told to "drop ém". Craig really wallops Cal's ass and has the lad grimacing and wriggling nicely.

With a burning butt, Cal is left in no doubt that time keeping is important

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 




  1. To the person who asked how they can contact British Boys Fetish club, please note there is a "Contact us" link on their website which I have pasted below:

  2. There is a beautiful shot in this video clip pause at 01:39 that bulge looks Perfect what a hunk yum I want a taste. - L

  3. This was a good clip I did like this one I would have liked to see Cal's socks in this though however I would have done a few things different like had Craig removes Cal's garments to reveal that impressive bulge and then stand up and remove his boxers to show them juicy big nuts of his.

  4. I liked this video a lot. To start with, Cal is a hunky guy with a smooth, round, firm butt - the perfect kind of model to play the bottom role. He also did a good acting job - lots of squirming, kicking, fighting back, groaning, whimpering, etc. This was an OTK spanking, my favorite spanking position. Craig did a good job as the spanker, another plus. The facial shots showed Cal grimacing in pain - frosting on the cake. Cal's underwear could have been tighter and skimpier, but otherwise I wouldn't change anything.

    PS - The briefs and tanktop worn by Cal in "Cal Gets His Comeuppance" were superb. If Cal had been wearing the same kind of underwear in this video, "Cal is Late" would have been perfect. Still, this was a very good video.

  5. I loved his red Boxers so amazing let's see them again yay.... Party.