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Saturday, 31 October 2015

BBFC: Cal Uncovered


British Boys Fetish Club

Cal wakes up and without a care in the world, and unaware that will soon change.

He wanders into the kitchen naked. He is asked politely not to walk around the house naked. 
Not long after Cal is wandering back from the bathroom, still naked, and is asked again to dress himself.

Tony is sitting quietly reading a book when the door bell goes and he hears that it is answered by Cal. When the letter is given to Tony by the still naked Cal he is almost stumped for words. Cal answered the door to the postman butt naked!! 

Finding himself ass up over Tony's knee he gets a spanking for not listening and putting on some clothes. 

This is far from enough and the chair and paddle are bought in and he gets a good stiff paddling OTK. Looks like he might just get the idea now, clothes on around the house.


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. Cal is as handsome and muscular as ever, and his OTK punishment was long - 3.5 minutes spanked with Tony's bare hand, and 5 minutes spanked with a paddle. The facial shots of Cal grimacing as he was spanked were a nice touch as well. However, this video was disappointing because Tony didn't spank him very hard. As he wasn't spanked hard, Cal naturally responded to his punishment in an understated manner.

    Cal was spanked by Tony for 8.5 minutes in this video, yet Cal's buttocks barely turned pink. In comparison, in "Cal Gets a Paddling" Cal was spanked by Craig for only 4.5 minutes, yet Craig actually raised blisters on Cal's butt! Cal's response to his spanking in "Cal Gets a Paddling" was naturally more animated (i.e., more squirming, kicking, yelping, grunting, etc.) than in the current video. It shows what a difference a good spanker can make.

  2. Can't get enough of Cal getting it OTK with his whole amazing body on display--except when the top spanks way too much like a girl. When will one of the newer, younger, more aggressive spankers give it to Cal?? At least that's what will get my money.

  3. Yes, Cal is great as a spankee; although I think it must be a little embarrassing for him as he is usually giving the other young guys a good tanning on BBFC. Just for once I'd like to see him or Tony give Pat a good walloping on the seat of his sexy 501s or jeans cut-offs. He is equally a cool stud muffin! Let's hear it for Cal and Pat, and all those naughty boys at BBFC!