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Saturday, 24 October 2015

BBFC: Reiner makes a mess


Reiner goes into the kitchen to get a snack and upsets a large collection of bottle caps being saved for charity. 

They go everywhere and make not only a mess but a huge noise. While he standing there in surprise in comes one angry man, who has stood on a bottle cap that has made its way out of the kitchen.

Grabbing a chair Reiner is OTK and getting a walloping in a flash.


Not only does his butt get a hand spanking that colours it nicely but the small wooden paddle makes an appearance and and adds to the glow.

Finally Reiner is bent over the chair and a larger wooden paddle is used to really make the point.



Warned that he has  a few minutes only to clear up Reiner is scrabbling round on the floor picking up the mess.

Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. The position the guy is in OTK is the exact position I want to see Cal in socks on legs spread kicking in air.

  2. Fab GIF's and imagery -- wicked hot exposing spankings are the best !

  3. Quite agree Dave. A good bit of kicking and squirming gives us quite a show. Made my weekend.

  4. I have never bought any of his videos.He has a lot of really attractive guys in his videos, but the spankings never seem very hard

    1. You have obviously never seen the recent videos with Jimmy or Milo in that case, to name but two, they were hard spankings. And as the library af Brit Boys Fetish club has 100's of videos some of which are extreme it might be an idea to see some first before taking that view.

  5. LOVE THE WHITE SOCKS. please release more spankings like this!