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Saturday, 3 October 2015

PhotoShopped By Mark

Just when you thought the weekend couldn't get any better, here is PhotoShop Artist Supremo Mark's latest contribution, combining his usual selection of hot, funny, evocative and brilliantly constructed images together with Mark's wicked and wonderful wit.

What a fascinating and  tempting alternative universe he creates!!

How many of us would not love to inhabit Mark's Mind?!!

Click on the pictures to see the full sized images

Christmas is a' coming

What would YOU like for Christmas?

Mark will shortly be starting work on his Christmas contribution for JockSpank and he has asked that if anyone has any suggestion or requests for Christmas themes or images, could they please leave them in the comments section below this posting.




  1. Wow! Mark made my day!

  2. A round of applause for Mark! His work is exceptional. Thank you!

  3. Another batch of brilliant creations by Mark I am always so impressed by your work - Please keep photoshopping

  4. Love the pool boy with the glorious tan line, and Harry the Jaz age shiek, what a cute pair of guys. I so agree with what you say about the artist's mind

  5. I don't agree with your politics Mark, but your art tops the polls

  6. How about a set of Christmas pictures based on classic fairy tales, but with a twist such as a golden headed lad breaks into a house owned by three "bears" and gets spanked by each in tgurn, or Red Riding bottom is a young prince who gets spanked by a wolf, and what happens to two young men (Hansel and Geoffrey) who get trapped in the "Ginger figging" house?

  7. Amazing work! How about a hunky store elf getting it from Santa? Or a hunky Santa getting it from an elf?

  8. How about doing some spanking scenes based on Christmas scenes from 1940s and 50's Hollywood movies "White Christmas - with some bed buns", (I believe Big Crosby was an enthusiastic spanker) or "Its a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart spanking a young delinquent

    Of course the Die Hard movies were set at Christmas, you could have a lot of fun with those

  9. Thanks everyone for both the praise and suggestions. you've given me some great ideas to ponder. I will most certainly be taking advantage of them. As I mentioned to Ward, no time for a November post as I'll need that time to ceate the Christmas post and get the 2016 calendar started. I'll be "back" in time for the holidays.

  10. Terrific as always, Mark. As a tighty-whitie fetishist, I particularly enjoyed the last image with the tied-up guy waiting his turn in his briefs. I love that in nearly all your pictures, even when the dude(s) is bare-assed, you include the underwear...either around the ankles, or on the floor, or being held by someone else. It really adds a lot to the impression of these guys being forced to strip - or being stripped - on their way to getting spanked. Whatever theme you choose, my Christmas wish would be more of the same: a couple guys in the background with their undies still on, or coming down...or even the main guy getting spanking with his briefs still on. Whatever you do, I know it'll be great! Happy Holidays in advance!

  11. Fantastic as always, love the guy waiting for his trainer to belt his ass and getting turned on by the guys waiting to watch...! How about a Dad helping his naughty son enjoy a pile of opened Christmas presents including a cane, paddle, belt, slippers etc, even better if another son is enjoying some more regular gifts...

  12. Great as always, Mark. Thanks and congrats! I'd love any old fashioned looking (40's, 50's, even 19th century) OTK Christmas morning scene. Naughty 18 year old, PJ's down, over dad's knee. Whatever you come up with, I'm sure it will be great. My one request would be to include some OTK. Thanks again for the amazing work.

  13. Mark I love the photoshop with simon this boy is HOT, maybe you could make more photoshop with simon in his whole new world later ??!

    1. He sure is hot! That's what led me to create the image he's the star of. I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately the original image I used to create "Simon" is a selfie someone posted. In the original he's wearing boxer briefs. Everything from the waist down in my image is composited from other sources. I don't have any other pictures of that particular guy (I don't even know which site or blog I found the original on), so unless somebody has a stash of photos of him they're willing to share we'll just have to imagine what his further adventures are like!

  14. Brill as usual. For Xtmas please some carol-singers getting a spanking in the street,the yard, the choir room, the church.