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Monday, 26 October 2015

Sting: Borstal Boys On Governor's Report (Scene 1)


The monthly reports are in at Rainsford Borstal and its not looking good for two young inmates. The governor prefers not to have black marks all over the lads long term report sheet so often settles the matter with corporal punishment. For the boys too is often a preferred method as no time will be added to their sentence for misbehaviour.

One particular entry that stands out on young Fishers report (Jerome Fisher) is fighting with other lads. 

This is enough to get him punished by his senior officer, Mr Volny. A cheeky boy like Fisher will find himself hauled up high over the muscular officers knee and soundly spanked on his bare bottom.

The punishment is usually carried out in the gym store. The boy later discovers that Mr Volny will be following up the spanking using his old brown leather strap.

Over an already spanked backside this is going to really sting! Bent right over the gym horse Fisher's smooth well rounded bare bottom juts out perfectly to receive the burning licks that the wicked strap can deliver! 

TO BE CONTINUED …...............

In scene two we meet new Sting Lad Mickey Rush

View the preview trailer Online

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership




  1. Now that's a bubble butt!

  2. I second that. The old saying two boiled eggs in a hanky come to mind! Mickey Rush looks cute too in the last picture.

  3. Yes, the new lad is perfect - cute and spankable -but Johann is spankable more, please persuade him to changes his mind, because it would be great success see him spanked! Your big fun D

  4. hope we get a Hornet video before years end :-|

  5. Mickey Rush is hot!