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Friday, 9 October 2015

Str8hell: Julius and the Masked Intruder

 In this 2013 release from by William Higgins, hunky 22 year old Julius is enjoying a quiet night at home when he is attacked by a masked intruder.

The intruder has one thing on his mind, and that is spanking Julius's cute bare bottom in a variety of different and sexy positions!

16 minutes into the video the story takes a somewhat off topic turn, which will not be depicted here, however, it involves a scarily proportioned butt plug and and a somewhat explosive ejaculation!!

Some High Definition pictures from this video were posted here back in July 2013

Links below are provided due to respect for Str8hell's intellectual property rights



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  1. The studio isn't proper/serious spanking more like erotica. No denying great positions.

    1. You are correct, it isn't a standard Spanking site, and may not appeal to spanking purists. However, they tend to have a lot of great looking guys, who end up in very erotic and evocative positions. Some of the guys, do end up with quite red bottoms,

      It offers visual pleasure, but it does not seek to be taken too seriously. also plays with various other fetishes including bondage, CFMN, wrestling, tickling and, a new feature "High Voltage" involving low voltage electricity, but, like the spanking, it is primarily fun and fantasy.

      I find it enjoyable if you are not looking for serious S&M

    2. Ahem!! ... what exactly do they do with the electricity??!!

    3. I do know as I am a member but I won't be again. If it's not serious it's not fun. :)

      A shame really think about it they do have great looking guys shame Sting Pictures don't use some of there models. (Well the odd few I have seen)

    4. Hi Anon 04:49 , what they do with the electricity is attach electrodes to the most sensitive parts of the body such as the penis, anus or nipples and then give them a few shocks!!

      It brings tears to the lad's eyes!! :-)

    5. That to me is sick and you smile at it. If for some tragic reasons they die of heart failure would you smile at that!

    6. It's fantasy - acting ,,, you know?

    7. That's worse your fantasy is for guys to get electric shocked. Are you on hardcore drugs? Your stupid.

    8. Who said it was MY fantasy? I didn't say that, my fantasy is spanking, and that is what we posted here. I have not posted pictures from their High Voltage series and I have not recommended it.

      I was merely replying to someone who asked what the "electricity" involved. I was not promoting it, or saying I like it. If you object to it please complain to William Higgins. That appears on his site, it does not appear here.

    9. Alright love, don't get your knickers in a twist and don't forget your handbag. calm down!

    10. I think the person who needs to calm down is the anonymous rattling Ward. What a wuss! Ward you do a great job, don't let twits like this spoil your day!

  2. This guy has a beautiful body, and a really hot butt

    1. Yeah a really great round full plump arse...