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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Straight Lads Spanked: Kevin's Bubble Bath Blues


This movie follows on directly from the movie Team Punishment – in which, following a vote by the Football team Kevin receives a hard bare bottom spanking from Sebastian the team captain, as punishment for fighting with another player, Fraser, during the game. Kevin's behaviour resulted in a red card penalty causing the team to lose the game. Now read on …. 

Kevin has just been spanked by the football Team Captain, Sebastian. Sebastian has just left and Kevin's bottom is red and sore and he feels humiliated.

Sebastian sure know how to spank a guy, so he knows he's been spanked! 
Anxious to relieve the discomfort Kevin decides to soothe his tender bottom in a nice bubble bath.

He strips naked and makes his way to the bathroom

He eases his still sore and stinging bare bottom into the warm soapy water

unfortunately Kevin's father has heard all about his bad behaviour and is furious!

Kevin is mortified and embarrassed that his father has walked in while he is naked in the bath

Kevin tries to explain what has just happened and that he has just been spanked

Dad is not impressed, Kevin's behaviour has been getting worse and his Dad decided that there has to be some strict punishment!

So Kevin is facing another spanking! On his already sore and tender bottom!

Kevin is not even given the to towel himself dry, and instead he is pulled of his Dad's knee while still dripping wet

Dad admires Sebastian's handiwork adding to Kevin's embarrassment by doing so!

Poor Kevin realises he about to get a second bare bottom spanking in the space of half an hour

The next 15 minutes feels more like a week to Kevin, as he discovers how much more spankings sting when they are applied to a warm wet bottom, right after a hot bath 

At one point Kevin attempts to reason with his Dad, arguing that he doesn't deserve to get a second spanking so soon after the first …

and how much his bottom hurts already

However, his words are to no avail, in his Dad's view a sore bottom is just what Kevin deserves …

  …. and it is going to be considerably more painful by the time he has finished punishing him

Kevin struggles and protests but Dad's hard hand continues top rain stinging smacks on his tender, double spanked, backside.

Finally, it is over, and like the naughty boy he is, Kevin has to sulkily endure a further lecture from Dad.

It is at that point that Dad gives Kevin some very unwelcome news, and it dawns on the naughty lad that his ordeal may not be over yet!!
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Straight Lads Spanked 

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  1. That is SO hot - what a cute guy

  2. Kevin is a very handsome man, and he looks so sexy with his body glistening from the bath.

    Spankings do burn a lot more after a hot bath, or so my partner tells me, which is why when he has been very bad I make him take a long hot bath before he is punished

  3. Kevin is a great addition to Straight Lads, what a magnificent tush. If Mr X ever runs out of plot ideas, I could suggest some Story lines for Kevin, if hes brave enough

  4. His ass is so good it almost looks photoshopped. I too would love to suggest storylines . How about a pushy door to door salesman who won't take no for an answer and ends up being dragged into the living room by his ear and upended before a rapid fire spanking on the seat of his skintight grey trousers! Where I live , we get a lot of these guys and they are always cocky , always cute , young and straight and ALWAYS spankable

  5. His ass is like one of those erotic drawings of a perfectly ideal rendering of a shiny red backside. Amazing. I'd love to see a straight lads scenario where a hot guy (particularly Fraser) is told that he's grounded and has to spend the night in his room. Later that night his girlfriend calls him and makes plans to meet her. He tries to sneak out, creeping quietly to the front door. He sighs relief when he thinks he's in the clear, opens the door and is greeted by his very angry father, who without comment, grabs him by the ear and drags him back to hos bedroom for a long spanking and ear-burning lecture.

  6. Kevin's got the butt of the year. Kevin's magnificent "Bubble Bath Blues" video showcases the beauty of it. This clip, the amazing and thrilling portrait of Kevin's butt, came out today at clips4sale, now for sale. Get it because it's hot! Please feature Kevin in a "Wait till Your Father Gets Home." Also, a new Kevin & Fraser video comes out this week. We're blessed,

  7. My deepest hopeful thoughts and prayers have been answered! It's out!! What I've dreamed has come true. Kevin starring in "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home." Out at Soon at clips4sale. My pick for butt of the year. The magnificent Kevin is laid out, bare, on the bed, pillows under him, raising his butt up for a belt thrashing! Please post stills here, Ward, at Jockspank. Both "Wait" and "Bubble Bath" starring Kevin are the best it gets! Magnificent close-ups, great lighting, sound, and a body to die for and treasure forever! Thank you so much.