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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Chris - Branded a Thief (Part 2)

Chris - Branded A Thief
in part one, after having been given a second chance by the Home Owner he had previously tried to con, Chris has betrayed the trust and stolen money

Unluckily for Chris he was caught red handed, thrown over the home owner's lap and soundly, and deservedly spanked.

However, that was not all, Chris is ordered to stand against the wall , and then to his horror, the home owner removed his belt.

What are you going to do with that?” stammered a nervous Chris

He soon finds out, as the stinging belt begins to beat his bare bottom

The belting continues until it becomes too much for Chris, who aggressively snatches the belt from the Home Owner's hand

Chris's arrogant act has really annoyed the home owner there is no way he will let Chris get away with such impudence!

He picks up a paint covered brush from the tray

Chris can't believe what's about to happen

SPLAT! .. WHACK!” he slaps the paint covered brush across Chris's well punished bottom leaving a splash of paint across each cheek.

SPLAT!” …”WHACK!”... “SPLAT!” the repeated Whacks! And the acidic nature of the paint begin to really sting on Chris's already very sore bottom. However, that was not the only problem …

This will ages to get off!” yelled Chris “maybe a week!” 
Lets make it two weeks!” snarled the home owner! “SPLAT! ..WHACK! ...”SPLAT” … “Try explaining this to your girlfriend!”

You are down the gym every day … try explaining your painted bottom to the boys there!” SPLAT! WHACK!


As Chris started to appreciate the consequences of his crime, and the sense of total humiliation began to sink in, the next stage of his punishment began

Chris's well spanked and painted bottom would ensure that he would continue to suffer the shame, humiliation and discomfort he deserved, for days, maybe weeks to come

The (well punished) end 

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  1. A very hot scenario!

  2. Once again sls is leading the way on originality! I love the range of scenarios, and who doesn't fantasise about taking a laddish tradesman over thermite knee? The model also has one of the best butts I've seen spanked