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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

David's First Spanking

David is a hot, proud 21-year-old straight boy with a great body and face. In this video, you'll see David go over Tom's knee for his first spanking video. This is the first time David's been touched by a man, and he's not happy about the whole situation. David is never happy about doing a video. He does them grudgingly and dislikes every stroke/slap.

David is one of Tom's favorite boys to spank. His reluctance and just-below-the-surface anger hang thick in the air when he's being spanked. .

Video Preview

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  1. This studio has some of the hottest models per capita but I'm always left feeling cold...

  2. Masks, masks, masks its getting a bit boring now. Seeing the spanker in action and his reactions like say Marco and Tony, Rich is a big part of the clip.

    1. Finally someone agress with me you are very much spot on Mike! It is very important to see the spankers face very iimportant!

    2. Your comments are noted. We have had this discussion on a number of occasions in the past. Some of the studio owners have personal or professional reasons why they do not wish to disclose their identity. The make no pretense of this, the masks are clearly visible in the preview clips and photographs.

      Nobody is obliged to purchase the clips or subscribe to their sites if they object to masks

      As has been stated previously, this studio has some very hot spanking models, who's faces (an most other body parts) are fully exposed for your entertainment.

    3. Thanks, Ward, you are quite right. Many of the spankers who show their faces are retired. I am not. At this point in my life, I must wear a mask. So what it really comes down to is that I can bring these exceptional guys to video getting spanked by me in a mask, or you would never see them on video at all.

      I bring straight boys (18+, of course) you'd never otherwise see to the table, along with many camera angles that let you see all of the action, including their faces, and, I believe, superior editing.

      I see my competitors' videos. There are many good ones, and I would certainly include Rich in that group (and I do enjoy his seeing his reactions). But there are also serious drawbacks with many of them.

      Many use enhanced sound effects which are so fake as to be distracting. Some use poorly-executed editing (for various reasons) that is also distracting.

      Many others (perhaps most) use just one camera, so that every angle they film from is a poor compromise in which you can barely see the model's face or his butt. One camera angle is certainly easier to edit. I shoot from seven angles simultaneously because I want to be able to show everything. Though it creates an expensive nightmare in editing, I think the end result speaks for itself.

      I think most of my competitors employ poor lighting. What good is the best spanking action if you see it from one angle in dim lighting? I'm no expert on lighting, but I do my best to light my videos well.

      Still others shoot guys who are already in the sex business in one way or another. That's fine, but it is completely different from seeing someone who I have gone out and recruited. The boys on my site aren't out there looking to do adult videos, much less be spanked by a man.

      In sum, I think the mask is a small compromise when you consider everything my videos offer that the videos of most other producers don't offer.