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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Spanked Footballers at Straight Lads Spanked (Part 2)


This movie follows on directly from Spanked Footballers Part One (images from which were posted here last night
Kevin and Fraser are enduring a well deserved punishment from the community spanker Mr X. So far both lads have been over the knee and Fraser even got spanked bare bottom in front of his team mate!

Fraser's bare bottom was soundly spanked in Part 1 now he is ordered to stand and watch the next stage 

Now it is Kevin's turn to drop his underwear and fully exposed in front of Fraser has to bend over Mr X's knee to have his already very sore bottom spanked further!
And this time it's bare!!

Up to now Kevin has acted in an arrogant and cheeky manner, disrespecting Mr. X. Consequently Mr X is determined to adjust the impertinent lad's attitude.

Mr X is an expert at attitude adjustment and Kevin will soon discover he in a contest of wills which he is not going to win.

Kevin's arrogant manner melts in direct proportion to the increasing sting in his bare bottom.

Hoping to end the spanking Kevin apologises for his cheeky and cocksure behaviour 
But Fraser and Mr X pretend not to hear him 
Was there a strange whining noise?”

After his earlier behaviour, Mr X has no intention of letting Kevin get off that easily

Many smacks later, Kevin is ordered to apologise to Fraser for fighting with him 
Mr X finishes off with a rapid fire spanking

Fraser can hardly watch, he knows how much that hurts

Finally, a red bottomed Kevin shuffles back to stand next to Fraser
Eventually the ordeal is over! 
Or so it should be!

Mr X can see that the lads have still not resolved their differences. So decides that if they still want to fight they can do it there and then! So in the final part of this movie, each lad had to thrash the other's bare ass with a leather belt!


 Mouse Spank Kevin's sore bottom or CLICK HERE to visit 
Straight Lads Spanked 

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


  1. THIS is brilliant. Spanking studios take note , a boy with a bratty or cocky attitude getting his comeuppance is 10 thousand times more hot than a submissive or stoic spankee imo!!

    1. Totally agree, it is just so erotic to see an arrogant cock sure brat get what he needs

    2. Grandpa Slipperman12 November 2015 at 09:25

      So true, seeing a cocky brat get his comeuppance is always the most fun.

      I hope Straight Lads Spanked do a Christmas special when the bad boys get spanked on Christmas morning by Dad, Santa or Grandpa

  2. As long as they are not whimpish as with a certain US studio. I'd rather then the guys were stoic. Word used courtesy of our dear buddy Rasputin.

  3. Kevin and Fraser are a handsome pair of guys, it is fun to see them both get spanked.

    Kevin was the most satisfying because of his attitude, but Fraser is a keeper 2

  4. I hope this is not the end of the story and that there is more spanking ahead for Kevin.

    He's the type or arrogant brat who needs to be spanked often