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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sting: Kiwi College 4 (Part 1)

A new term and new problems from those Kiwi college lads. This term its two newly made up prefects who think they can get away with anything. Well you can only have so many chances and these lads have used them all up. Now an exasperated Headmaster is going to take firm action!

On the carpet are Charlie Wilkins (Oscar Hart) and Johnny Rayner (Robbie Kasl) this brazen pair having pushed their luck too far are going to get six of the best each.

This is the traditional answer to bad behaviour and the swishy rattan will bite its stinging message to start to behave.

After, unluckily for them, they will be sent to their own House Master who has his own ideas about how good discipline should be administered!

Mr Sharpe is in no mood to compromise, he too has given this pair enough chances. If they want to stay in their positions as prefects they must learn what discipline means. No better way than to put the two cheeky brats across his knee for a sound spanking.

lad will feel the full force of Mr Sharpe's unrelenting and very persuasive palm.

Their firm bare bottoms quickly turning bright red. The Masters scorching palm delivers a burning sting but this is merely a precursor for what is to come.

TO BE CONTINUED!!.............

View the preview trailer Online

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership



  1. Wow. These are two of the cutest, sexiest and cheekiest looking boys I've ever seen from a sting production. They are so facially expressive and their backsides are perfect. More of these two together, please! Would love to see their antics being dragged to punishment by their ears...

  2. Best set of photos from Sting in a long time, perfect positions, backsides and reactions...

  3. I agree Sting photo sets are the tops, this one is extra special.

  4. Robbie's dick!!!!!