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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

BBFC: Bound

Waiting for a punishment he deserves, a nervous look on his face, an air of anticipation. Bound hand to ankle and knelt on a desk this has to be humiliating as well as painful. The riding crop makes some great stripes and the paddle adds a bloom to his ass and finally the brush to add a little zing to the scene. So great close ups of his butt hole clenching as the swats fall. Super and different spanking.

Friday, 25 December 2015

BBFC: Santas Little Helpers

It is all go for Santa's little helpers, they are wrapping presents and loading up the sleigh ready for the big day. All looks good until Santa turns up and raises a few points. Like the ratting box of something broken that has not been packed properly or the present for granny that is a metal working vice, no good to her at all. The helpers have not been paying attention to the list of presents and it has all gone wrong. A session OTK to wake them up is what is needed and what they get. A fun clip for the day...Merry Christmas all 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

BBFC: Hunger Pains

The two little helpers that Santa has recruited are up to no good and are raiding the Christmas tree for chocolates. Worse they are dropping wrappers on the floor. Santa catches them and spanks them both side by side with the slender paddle. A nice seasonal spanking for two naughty lads.  

Saturday, 19 December 2015

BBFC: Charlie

New lad Charlie has a lot to learn and Cal is just the guy to teach him. A ruined pair of shoes is enough for Cal to give Charlie his first walloping. It is a shock for Charlie and his face is a picture, biting his hand to control himself. Cal makes him drop em'and carries on. The lad has a lovely butt for spanking and it is good to see Cal getting to grips with someone his own size for change. There is a pause for corner time while Cal decides whats next, the ping pong bat is whats next and dragging the guy back OTK he lays it on well and the swats make a real impression on Charlie. A great d├ębut for this obviously naughty brat

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

BBFC: Sleepy David

David is enjoying a long lay in and has not interest in waking up no matter how many times Cal calls him. This is only going to end one way and with Cal that is a safe bet. Reaching the limit of his patience Cal grabs a hold of David and wakes him up by dragging him OTK and spanking him. A great way to wake up any wayward brat. Teaching David that slothfulness is not acceptable Cal does his best to drive the point home. But look....No sooner has cal finished spanking the brat and he hops back into bed...Cal is going to be furious and take further measures in part two....coming soon 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

BBFC: Two Get Away With It

Earlier in the day the two lads were in front of the head for fighting, this time they have been drinking and smoking. The smirks and attitude are enough to earn them six of the best each. Conrad is first and gets all six, he then waits facing the wall for Ricky to get his six. But the caning is interrupted and the head has to leave before Ricky has his full set. They are told to stand and wait but no sooner are they alone and the lads start to horse around. Making a joke of the head and spanking each other with the cane and a paddle they find in the desk. Now we know from the past that spanking makes Ricky horny, he has to check the coast is clear and then he pays Conrad to spank him and have sex with him. 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

BBFC: Tristram caught in the act

This is a request clip.  The two lads are spending an afternoon doing what lads do when they are left to their own devices. A long sex scene, no spanking here just full on sex. It is a passionate heavy session with everything you expect in a sex scene. But just as they are relaxing after the door busts open and in comes a furious Rod, he left Tristram at home to get on with chores and is stunned by what the lad has obviously been up to. He throws out the other lad and drags Tristram OTK and gives him the larruping of a life time. Rod is really angry and the red buns show his displeasure perfectly. His ass glowing he tries to escape and gets dragged back by the leg and then a good walloping with the ping pong bat, stings like hell. when Rod is finished Tristram scampers from the room grabbing clothes as he goes. A super clip with Rod really laying it on. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Posting at Jock Spank and feel the Sting

I am very sorry for the lack of postings at JockSpank or Feel the Sting recently.  This is due to personal and medical issues which are being addressed .   We hope the blogs will be back in business next week.

Thanks for your patience