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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bad Lads - Ivan Spanks Ricky

Bad-Lads: Ricky, Ivan and Danny are flatmates. Ivan is the featured spanker in this scene and has this to say: "Making these movies was easy because I have to spank these boys for real, on a regular basis. Catching Ricky smoking in our apartment is something I have spanked him for before and it really pisses me off. After I have spanked Ricky, soon he takes out his aggression on Danny. This keeps the house in order, but its also alot of fun – both boys are 18 and being able to spank and pound their young tight fleshy bums when I come home from work is awesome. Soon I’m gona spank baby boy Danny as he is just not pulling his weight with the housework.."


  1. Best 2015 Spanking Clips (Model & studio,): Joey Whyte, at Sting, "Punishment Room," Sting kicked off their new studio with this monster! The set, lighting, sound and model all perfect! Chili extract is used for added sizzle! Joey growls in agony. And, Joey Whyte in "Industrial School," his long gorgeous hair and the terrific camera angles & lighting truly showcase handsome Joey; Eddie, at Spanking Central, "Made For A Strapping," the California blonde boy Adonis clenches his butt breathtakingly in horizontal position in agony as Cliff administers the strap mercilessly to Eddie's magnificent rear & "Relentless," (a 2014 clip,) Eddie moans and begs it to stop, (in 2016 please put Eddie in "Black Strap Moan;" Kevin, at Straight Lads Spanked, "Bubble Bath Blues," glistening wet, this perfect body beauty gets it over the knee with magnificent lighting & butt close-ups & "Bad Start," the multi-colored underwear Kevin wears is a dream come true to watch and when the underwear comes off the butt of the year is to behold & "Real Punishment," breathtaking grey underwear clings tightly to Kevin, the man of my dreams', butt, (in 2016, please put Kevin in "Wait till Your Father Gets Home," showcase Kevin's magnificent butt raised up on the pillows; Pavel Tom, Spanking Boys/East Europe, "Revenge, Pts. 1 & 2," Peter Ma pounds bastinado the gorgeous one, Tom Terrific, in the wheelbarrow! Pavel Tom has retired for now and he is so missed! The star of so many terrific clips for Spanking Boys & Sting, his bastinado films were his best. Pavel Tom's reactions to every stroke are always so hot! Anyone know how to contact Pavel Tom? Next, Elder Butler, (now retired,) at MormonBoyz, his on-camera orgasms and uncontrollable ecstasy panting screams are unforgettable. (This website does produce spanking punishments for their 18 year old model hotties!)Lukas Liz, Spanking Boys/East Europe, the Prince, (the East Europe model with the royal butt,) returned to the cameras in July after retiring for 12 months. Welcome back! Since then, Lukas Liz has made numerous masterpieces featuring his perfect royal rear, such as "Lukas So. & Lukas Liz, Parts 4-6," "Feet & Spanking" and "Hard Strap," "Caning," all in bastinado and "Back in College, Parts 1 & 2." I have noticed that the master does not hold back anymore when he punishes the Prince. There has been some bruising! Christian at Spanking Boys/East Europe, truly the wonder boy with perfect body. Best model of the year again in 2015! Christian has made many unforgettable classic spanking clips at East Europe and Sting. Takes pain and bruises in stride. "Strapping," "Caning," his bastinado and wheelbarrow clips are all fantastic. Christian did not make as many clips in 2015 as he did in 2014. I hope to see Christian in many more clips in 2016. Please hit him hard, make him scream! Feature Christian in the new Bad-Boys website. How about a dungeon scene, strap him down tight and give it to him. Roman Ja., at Spanking Boys/East Europe. Roman starred in a series of 2015 clips where he clenches his teeth on his baseball cap while the master thrashes his pert butt. These clips are all terrific: Training Parts 1 & 2," "Paddle" and "Wheelbarrow," is the best. The camera is positioned on the floor, inches off the ground. Roman Ja's expressions and grunts of pain are magnificent. We see at the top of the frame, his gorgeous butt being whacked over and over by the master with the tremendous long paddle. Finally, Tristan Sweet at Man Up! Tristan made several remarkable 2015 clips, including "Superboy Gets Collared," kryptonite weakens the Boy of Steel, wearing a magnificent costume Great clips were made in 2015! Looking forward to more magnificent clips from all of these great studios!

    1. Thanks very much Bastinado boy, you have certainly included some of last years outstanding releases in your list. I number I definitely agree with.

      Does anyone else have any suggestions?

    2. I would like to mention a clip from Icon Male called Schoolboy Fantasies 2 (scene 2) [2015] featuring JD Phoenix getting spanked OTK by Dirk Caber (this studio isn't spanking focused but the clip is still somwhat hot) With Dirk entering the room to JD who is in bed... Dirk removes his shirt and tie and pulls JD out of bed and over his knee then he proceeds to give him a hard spanking. The only problem is that the clip is a tad too short but it is still very erotic to see such a hot Daddy spanking a guy over his knee. (After the spanking they do fuck but don't let that put you off seeing the OTK part I would rather it be just spanking focused but hey ho)

      P's. I could send some screen grabs into Jockspank as I have the clip I'm am sure others might like to see?

      Best clips 2015! (Sting)

      Sting: "A Quick Lesson" featuring Rudi Vallance

      The OTK & The wheelbarrow position combined was just so sexy and erotic I loved it especially with my favourite Sting lad simple yet very hot. The clip was priced very reasonable as well. Let's fac Rudi arse is the best out there.

      Sting: "Penalty 2" featuring Milo Mills

      I loved this Clip because I think this is the hardest spanking Macro has ever dished out to any guy OTK and Milo's arse looked very sore at the end and the tears said it all no words needed. I kind of felt sorry for him Marco was relentless I liked that though.

      Sting: "Approved Education 13" featuring Adam Black

      This was a surprise clip for me I didn't expect to much but once I watched the scene with Adam Black getting spanked High-OTK by Johan it was very hot especially Adams legs hanging down kicking. Johan really got into his role in this and he gave his best performance. I find when a spanker gets into his role it really shows on camera as being natural and believable plus Johan is a sexy which added to the excitement of it.

      Finally... Any Clips from Sting featuring Johnny Hayward.... There always among my favourites actually. Sting always get a good performance from him spanking him hard. I believe he is proud of being able to take it hard.... As well as that much loved Rapid Fire method that Sting do so well.

      2016 (Blank Space)

    3. Johnny Hayward at Sting and Christian at Spanking Boys/East Europe are one and the same model! He's my favorite spanking star! Check out his large body of work at Spanking Boys. The best over the knee spankings ever with wooden spoon and bath brush, he's in! Also terrific bastinado clips. At East Europe, he gets bruised bad at times. Spanked in the wheelbarrow wearing denim jeans! All classic stuff. Johnny/Christian is the best they get. Slim, gorgeous body. Takes pain real well. When he grunts you know he is reAlly hurting. Thanks for mentioning your top clips. I will check them out

  2. Ward, so glad that you are back and feeling better! The website was missed while you were under the weather. Welcome back. Yes, anyone else have their favorite 2015 clips, please post. I would love to see the choices for best spanking clips. In my prior post, I ran out of room as only a maximum of 4,750 characters are allowed, had to cut off several comments at the end about Tristan Sweet at the Man Up! studio. Tristan is gorgeous, the Superboy video that he stars in is riveting. Superboy in fantastic costume gets weakened by kryptonite and dragged into a torture chamber where he gets molested. I hope to see more videos with Tristan playing Superboy. A hard pounding with kryptonite in bastinado would be unforgettable! (The magnificent Robin (in full costume with tights,) video that Man Up! produced was featured previously on Jock Spank.) Other favorite Tristan Sweet clips produced at Man Up! include, "Spanking," "Intruder" and "Wedgies." Check Tristan Sweet out at Man Up!, he is slim, brown haired, handsome, gorgeous and really into playing the parts. Most of the clips mentioned are available at Sting videos can be downloaded at Regarding Sting, another 2015 classic was a short clip starring Rudy in another wheelbarrow spanking! Rudy is so handsome and his wheelbarrow spanking are his best. Hopefully we will see Rudy and Joey Whyte a lot more in 2016. Hit them hard!