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Saturday, 23 January 2016

BBFC: Eric Spanking Consequences


We left Eric on Tuesday being march away into the salon and that where we pick things up. Cal has Eric kneeling prone and ready on the coffee table waiting for the spanking to come. This is Cal's favourite position, seen before with Toby. After a nice tension building pause Cal steps up and starts to spank Erics small butt. Progressing from the hand to the small leather paddle Cal keeps up a nice steady rain of swats on the recalcitrant lad.

But unknown to Cal this is having an effect on Eric and soon his huge uncut dick is standing hard. He holds himself as long as he can but in the end Eric dumps his load on the table, Cal of course does not let the punishment end at the spanking and makes him clean it up. So another lad who clearly enjoys his spanking


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. It's a sad fact that we will never get to see Cal given a proper OTK spanking by a man who knows how to dish it out... I just died a little. :(

    Imagine Cal in some tight football shorts and dirty socks getting beat real good.

    sing it to me...

    There can be miracles when you believe though times are tough its hard to.... LA LA LA

  2. Back in the day when your old man would hand out a severe butt whipping lots of guys dropped a load - I did a few times and the punishment was always 10 extra strokes as well as cleaning up!!!

  3. How do they get those young men to cum from getting paddled? I can see how otk might do it (rubbing against a leg), but just how does this work? Does BBFC give them a little help or special training?