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Saturday, 20 February 2016

BBFC: David oversteps the mark (+ more!)


David has a little crush on Cal, he knows that Cal is off  limits but he cant help himself. He sneaks into Cal's bedroom and starts to try and sneak a peek under the covers and even get a handful of whatever Cal is hiding. 

He is as careful as he can be but Cal is a light sleeper and wakes up and catches him.

Furious he grabs David and gives him a spanking to remember. Not only with the hand but with the slipper as well. David's glowing bum takes his mind off of what he was there for, even though he is unknowingly close to his earlier quest for more intimately than he ever dreamed of.





Cal really lays into the lad giving the smooth ass a lovely glow. The speed with which David leaves the room, trying to pull up his trousers, is a give away that Cal made his point.


Harry Paddled


This is a free clip to BBFC members only. Not available anywhere else. This is part of our ten year anniversary celebrations.  Harry gets a set with the paddle OTK. The red of his buns is lovely through the furriness of his bum. BBFC will be adding more members only clips as the year goes on as a thank you to all their friends and supporters


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 





  2. is harry gay? i want him to move to america and be my boyfriend.

  3. The crotch shot here is to die for . David is my favourite bbfc model . Mainly due to his smooth , round ass and nicely shaped thighs. The way he wiggles is also cute. Would love to see him in some tight fitting sports gear

  4. I agree with the comments above - the crotch shot is amazing!