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Tuesday, 9 February 2016


This is what the spanker Nick, has to say about this encounter with Jarik:This guy has the sort of bubble butt you don’t see everyday. Its big. Its firm. Its soft. Its super smooth. It's 18 years old – and its super spankable. It drove me a bit crazy. I really spanked this boy hard. It was kinda' effortless, his ass was like a trampoline. You whoop his ass, and it just springs back at you – ripples of his beautiful teenage ass vibrating with each stroke – like watching a movie in slow motion, I cherished each and every moment.

First I had him over my knee with his cute blue little boxer shorts clinging to his ass. They didn’t stay up for long. The producers were like “take your time” but his ass was too good to waste clad in boxers, I just couldn’t wait to feel this big dreamy butt. It was not disappointing. Pulling his boxers down, his ass pointed naturally into the air like a puppy dog digging for a bone.

He wanted me, I could tell, and it soon became obvious I would be able to do anything I wanted to him because of this. I whacked his ass hard. I could fuck this ass, I thought. But hey, that is another story for another day. Watch this space! Before long, his ass was a deep red. Even his brown skin could not hide how sore his butt was.

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Despite Jarik's youthful look, we have verified with Bad-Lads that he is over 18 - proof on file (see below) 


  1. The spankee has a nice arse very plump - Luke

  2. great looking guys!

  3. Some guys have butts that are simply made for spanking. Jarik is one of those guys. Beautiful and spankable butt...