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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Kevin - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Kevin has injured his leg and has been given Dr's orders to rest whilst it recovers. Kevin is feeling better though and wants to play football again. He asks his Dad's permission but is told that he must not play until his ankle has fully recovered.

Kevin thinks he knows best and decides to play football anyway.

This was a bad idea as Kevin ends up hurting his leg badly! Oooops!

He phones the football team captain, Sebastian, to apologize and tells Sebastian that his dad will be furious 

Kevin has no choice but to tell his father what has happened, he strips off to his pants, knowing what to expect 

Kevin's father is furious! Really angry!

Dad decides that Kevin needs to learn a lesson and only the belt will do the trick! 
Kevin has to strip off and assume the position across the bed 

Kevin soon learns a real lesson as Dad's belt comes down hard on his bare bottom.

There is no doubt as to how bad the thrashing is the thick red welts develop across Kevin's bottom. 

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


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  1. I'm going to do everything in my power to get this blog shut down hopefully other things will follow suit. This blog advocates abuse towards people humiliating poor people just for money abusing them for money even if they agree it's still abuse and it must be stopped and will be. I will write a letter to Google. This behaviour is unacceptable you will reap what you sow! #advocateforchange #lawchanges

    1. Hi, I see you are back and continuing to post threats to this blog. I don't know what your issue is, all we do is try to spread a little fun and pleasure for the Spanking Community.

      JockSpank does not encourage abuse of poor people, all the sites who's pictures are published here use models who perform by consent and obtain model releases before publication.

      In case you succeed in your efforts we have set up a separate back up site at

    2. Dear anon

      I will do everything in my power not to lmao at you .

      Seriously go after real abusers , not a harmless consensual fetish that is pretty mainstream and tame in the post 50 shades world

      And FYI what are you doing lurking around gay spanking websites anyway?

      Kind regards

      A long term fan of jockspank

      Ps regarding the post itself , I am disgusted Mr x did not put Kevin otk in that sexy kit #whatawaste

  2. NOTE: Anon 05:37 has left two responses, but as they are abusive and contain various obscenities I can not approve them as that would be a breach of Blogger's Terms of Use

    1. Oh really see everyone this is what they do on this blog don't post comments that call them out that comment above is abusive but yet you let it through.

      That's okay dig dig dig.

    2. You only let through what you want to let through well that is okay I will link your site to my blog and get people who advocate against violence to swarm over here. Have a nice day.

  3. Hello Ward
    Look, you should let more of those agressive threats be published on JockSpank.
    They are pitiful yes, but they also give us all a good laugh!
    Well, I'm wondering, are they for real or is that a good joke from yourself?
    If you can't stand them anymore, share them with us, readers of JockSpank, at least it could brighten our day with some silliness like that!
    They seem to be very narrow minded, or I don't know what, but it's really funny! :-)

  4. Hi Anon, thanks for your lovely feedback. The idea that Kevin is somewhat poor is laughable! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he earns more money than I do!

    Kevin does not make these movies because he is poor and needy. He makes them because he see's it as a good way to add to his income.

    I actually just spoke to him and explained that somebody he has never met was concerend that he was being abused and he laughed out loud for about 5 mins! The idea that Kevin would allow anyone to abuse him is just ridiculous! He actually told his girlfriend whilst I was on the phone and she was laughing too.

    Thanks for your concern, but trust me, Kevin is just fine.

    1. Mr. X, ask Kevin if he would wear Levi's jeans for me in a future video. I will ship to him a pair or two, find out his waist size and length. Kevin looks to me like size 32x32.

    2. Don't try and justify yourself here that's what you people do you try to justify yourself to make yourself look better.

      People only agree to do this because the need the money otherwise they wouldn't do this money is root of all evil. You advocate this to its best. I'm not the one with the issue you are I don't abuse people for pleasure you support that do you really think these poor people want to get beat and hit like a piece of trash no I'm sure it is great for a future career if they wanted one some time.

      Violence comes in a lot of ways don't play the victim here!

    3. Hey Anon, lovely to hear back from you. You are quite right, people go to work to earn money. That's what people do. There are people all over the world, at work earning money.

      It's also true that my models come to work to earn money.

      So yes, you are quite observant, people do go to work to earn money.

      As much as the models are not huge fans of getting spanked, they usually enjoy the filming process. We make it fun! It certainly beats climbing scaffolding all day long or painting walls.

      Many of the lads have worked with me for over three years. Coming back time and again. No one is doing this because the are desperate. In fact I wouldn't work with anyone in that situation. All the guys have other work and this is extra pocket money for them.

      Anyway, once again. It's lovely that you are concerned. But trust me, people like Andy Lee does not need your protection. They are responsible, grown-ups making their own decisions.

      Anyway lovely chatting with you... :)

    4. hi mr X,
      would it be possible to see a boy wearing tight levi's 501 in your next videos, while you spank him over your knee?

  5. Okay. I've got to come clean. I am the one who's actually laughing I have just trolled you all haha! Oh god so funny. I couldn't give a shit about Kevin or any clown here sorry but It really was a hobby for a minute there having to much fun with you guys like a game to me. sorry ill stop I know how serious y'all get. I just love to get you all going hehe. yes I be looking like this you guys mad dusty.

  6. I have longed for, prayed and requested to have the Straight Lads Spanked Studio star Kevin in "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home." I knew that, when made, it would be magnificent and it is! Thank you Straight Lads for producing this tremendous video and thanks to JockSpank for posting these gorgeous frames from the video. Kevin gets my vote for butt of the year. Kevin lies face down on the bed and belted hard. Kevin's heavenly looking butt is elevated on pillows, just as I had hoped it would be. Kevin's butt is perfectly formed. The blue underwear is beautiful and fits Kevin's butt like a glove. The lighting, close-ups, all terrific. I will treasure this video forever, one of the best spanking clips, with the most handsome guy, ever!

    1. Hey Bastinado, Thanks for the awesome feedback and lovely review of my movie. I'm so glad you likd it! :)

  7. Mr X, now that I have your attention, after the treasured "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home" video you have so fabulously made, I would you to take Kevin down deeper and harder. Surprise him during your next shoot with him. Don't explain what will happen to him once you turn the cameras on. Instead, surprise him with the force and unrelenting punishment. First, show Kevin fully clothed in his gorgeous outfits. Then, he strips down to his colored, fabulously clinging, snug as a glove underwear. Have him roll around on the bed a little, so we see him front and back. Have him clench his buttocks a little so we see his butt's shape and form through the underwear. Then, start the severe pain and continue it until Kevin really screams. Put Kevin in the wheelbarrow position. Pound his butt with the wicked bathbrush and then long paddle. Harder and harder. Next, bastinado Kevin, harder and harder. Make him scream and then cry. That would be awesome.

  8. Not a fan of the belt...but watching Kevin get it makes it changes everything.