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Saturday, 5 March 2016 Nicholas


Daddy Claudio is very pissed at Nicholas, 18 - the young teenage brat has brought home a letter from the headmaster spelling out his latest irritating misdemeanours -he's been messing around in physical education class. Daddy Claudio, a health fanatic values physical education highly so he is very angry and disappointed. He spanks him on his PE shorts relentlessly "You are weak and lazy. How do you expect to grow into a man? You need to learn a lesson."

He pulls the shorts, clinging to the young boys' bum, slowly down. Revealing a wholesome teenage bum, his animal instincts get the better of him - he wants to see the boys' hole so he pulls the boys cheeks apart, revealing a tight, tiny, unblemished boys entrance. Undistracted, he continues spanking hard, fast and with pulsating rhythm, turning Nicholas's young bubble buttocks into a biting shade of crimson until Nicholas finally learns the value of class 

The Preview Video for this session can be viewed on the Bad-Lads Homepage

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Despite Nicholas's youthful looks, we have verified with Bad-Lads that he is over 18 - proof on file (see below) 


  1. this studio sure knows how to find a plump ass.

  2. ^they sure do!

    Hot boys Although the 'bad lads' are too submissive for me, I like seeing a bratty lad get his comeuppance .

    The m/f seem to achieve maximum battiness out of their models , I wish the m/m studios would follow suit!

    Can I also ask the wonderful guys at jockspank to ask their readers to pick their favourite spanking film/scene and why ? That's a discussion id like to take part in - Jon

  3. i agree this studio definitely gets the hot boys, i don't see how they are submissive though, in the movies most seem pretty normal

  4. ^ I don't think they put much of a struggle or are particularly bratty or cocky before the spanking , something which is a big turn on for me - I guess it's just personal preference and to be fair , probably a challenge for the studios to get good looking models that are confident enough to behave like proper bad boys .... - Jon