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Saturday, 19 March 2016

BBFC: Cal - The Strap


Cal has really gone to far this time. After being told on Tuesday not to take naked selfies he carries on doing it. So it is clear he will have to pay for ignoring the rules. led from the room by the ear he is thrown onto the couch and told to wait. The strap chosen to administer the rule reminder.

Pushed over onto his belly over the couch Cal gets the strapping of his life. The swats are hard and the way he bounces and bucks as his ass goes red is classic. This is a no messing hard spanking for Cal, one which many have said he has deserved for a long time. It must be hard as his first look round looks like he is shocked, while the second time he looks round he is close to tears. A cracking clip with a stunning tough guy ending in a splendid rosy ass



Click here to view the preview trailer  

and ...............

As part of our ten year anniversary this week we also have another free clip for BBFC members only, this is not available anywhere else. Eric is OTK for the small paddle and he has a lovely little bum for spanking.

Links are provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights


  1. My idea of what I would have liked...

    Cal OTK with his legs spread wide apart so we can see them nice big balls he has and that great arse and body... Spank him hard OTK only using the hand then put him in the wheelbarrow position then send him to bed and gronud him for 2 months.

    No more pictures my boy.

    The scenario is a good idea just I don't feel Cal is showcased to what I know he could be.

    Also leave them socks on. (Dirty socks)


      I thinking of this! In the whole world of MM Spanking there is no position that is any better than having a lad like this... one of my biggest turn ons. (Hey don't judge) :)

  2. Hey all-- Does anyone know how old our Cal is? God he is one sexy sexy lad. Love him-- I agree with keeping his socks on- (always love the socks-- clean or dirty- but he is one hot dude-- I think I am in love tbh. lol

  3. What a sexy hunky puppy dog stud Cal is. Wooooof! Love seeing him getting punished. Hope he learns his lesson...(not really)

  4. I agree with everyone here, Cal is Super Hot and Sexy!! Like anonymous #1, I would love to see him OTK with his balls exposed! I also like the socks on!

    1. Yes! He has a great pair of balls big and full. sexy! I love big balls.