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Saturday, 12 March 2016

BBFC: Eric plays up


Eric is being cheeky and naughty. He knows Rod wants to have a shower, get changed and go out. So what does he do, he has a long shower and laughs at Rod when he asks him to hurry up. Not a wise thing to do at all. Once out of the shower Eric comes face to face with the reality of his actions, one angry Rod. 

He finds himself ass up OTK and getting a spanking on a freshly showered warm butt, guaranteed to sting like hell. Rod really lays into him and along with some great camera angles it is a good spanking. His small muscled butt is perfect for spanking and really colours up nicely, lucky that Eric is such a wayward lad.


Links provided out of respect for BBFC's intellectual property rights 



  1. Rod has potential to be a spanker if he doesn't hold back just beat them till they cry severe blood red.

  2. Wonder how long we're gonna have to wait for Rod to give Cal a real means-business hand spanking, also naked & OTK. Hopefully not much longer at all.

  3. Rod is too nice! He must start to give Cal really harder smacks ! He does spank after selecting where to spank Cals buttocks ,with care but does not smack hard enough to drive home the message !

  4. Cal wasn't the spankee in this scene--but he needs to be, a.s.a.p.

  5. Hi to the person who has complained that their comment has not been approved. The reason for this was that, once again you have criticized the video because it does not fit your personal taste, which I don't think is fair.

    We would be happy to publish comments giving suggestions and requests as to what visitors would like to see, and many of the studios are very flexible and try to meet requests.

    However, it is not fair to suggest a video is somehow flawed because it does not meet your personal requirements or fantasy.

    Please keep comments positive and constructive.

    1. Excuse me but my comment was merely suggesting that we are not going to see Cal get spanked good and proper. I don't want to argue I just wanted to make a suggestion. :)

    2. Hi Anonymous, I have only allowed a partial version of your comment through, because once again you are judging quality on the basis of your own personal taste. The other studio you mentioned offers far more extreme material than that which appears here at JockSpank. Visitors who wish to view severe punishment which causes serious bruising, or worse, have the option of visit those studios. However, many of us prefer to see the more conventional spankings which are featured on JockSpank.

      The material you prefer is not better, it is different.

      I hope you understand

    3. Oh yes I literally nearly forgot this which is silly of me...

      I quote yes I quote.... You said...

      "However, many of us prefer to see the more conventional spankings which are featured on JockSpank."

      And I guess the you are speaking for whom and you're judging these facts on what... your own personal taste? see what I did there.

      Go figure... you basically contradicted what you just said with your own comment. I win you lose!